Sunday, December 16, 2012

A couple of good days

After the arctic weather early in the week, then the deluge on Friday, we’ve had a pleasant weekend here.
Sunny spells, daytime temperatures still in single figures but nearer ten than zero, and not much wind. One shower last night was the only rain, but I understand that’s all to change next week. Rain most of the time, I hear.

Chimney smoke adds to the low mist hanging over the marina this morning.DSC_0033

The mist on the lakes soon burnt off as the sun rose.
That’s my long shadow left of centre, and Meg has found a stick to chew.

Not much to tell, I fitted a grab rail in the shower for Mags to hang on to while abluting, got that left side above the gunwale painted today after rubbing down yesterday, and just generally pottered.
I went off and shopped at Morrison’s and B&Q yesterday morning, made easy ‘cos  we’ve now got wheels! Not just the inestimable John Sage, but also my Dad’s Peugeot hatchback. He won’t be needing Flossy (yes, I know….) through the winter, so we’ve kindly been lent her for the duration of our stay.

Talking of John Sage, my brother Andy came to pick me up to collect the car, that’s him with the steel fabrication business. He’s now got the blueprints for my bespoke bike rack that will hang off the counter, so he can knock that up for me.

That’s it really. Nothing planned for next week, apart from getting all the cards written and sent. I know, a little late, but there’s still time.

Locks 0, miles 0

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