Monday, December 10, 2012

Relocation, relocation

Today we moved from our mooring opposite the shops to another close to the entrance from the canal.

C&RT have had to extend the stoppages that caused us to come into Barton Marina in the first place. More repairs to the brickwork are required than originally thought. Barton and Tattenhill Locks will not be open now till the 19th, rather than the 15th. Pretty irrelevant to us now, but it will affect those still on the canal.

Talking of those still “out there”, this week’s forecast will have continuous cruisers heading for moorings where there’s access to facilities. With sub-zero overnight temperatures every night till Friday, there’s a very good chance of ice on the canal.

Our friends and regular winter companions will be among those looking for good moorings, while we’re snug with water and electricity available, solid fuel and loo emptying just a stone’s throw away. Where would we rather be? Out there, of course!
Missing all you guys! Chas and Ann, George and Carol, Sue and Vic. Not forgetting the canines, big Molly, little Molly, Meg and Penny. Take care.

I took advantage of the reasonable weather over the last few days to get the right side gunwale rubbed down and recoated with gloss black. It was a bit of a rush job, usually it would take the best part of a week to do a proper job, scraping out and treating any rust spots, then building up layers of primer to level the surface before hand flatting and applying two coats of gloss, levelled off by brush. All to leave on locksides….. Still, it looks good for the first few hundred yards.
This time it was a rub down, treat the rusty spots then slap a heavy coat of B&Q non-drip gloss on by roller. It looks OK from 20 feet away…
Now we’ve moved over to Pier 1 the left side of the boat is against the pontoon, so I can tackle that, now.

I’ve got to find things to do. We’ve been here a week and I’m already feeling the strain! This afternoon I’ve made mince pies, jam tarts and a loaf of bread. Gotta keep busy.

Locks 0, miles 0, but about 400 yards….


Sue said...

Sometimes things happen that stop us from cruising the canals.

Just to have Mags back to her fit self again will be worth the strain Geoff.

Snuggle in this winter and try to relax and get some form of routine going. That will help you both I am sure as well as Meg.

I don't know what the walks are like around you, but you could join walkingworld and write up some walks for them putting maps on and pictures etc.. there is an idea.

I have quite a few on there and get commission when people use them, enough for between £60 and £100 a year!

It is fun to find the walks and even more fun using the software to produce the maps and walking instructions.. each one will keep you busy for an afternoon!

I am sure many others will have other ideas to keep you busy..

Chin up, as you always say.. We will see you in the Spring for sure. xx

The Blondinis afloat said...

Hi , just chanced across your blog. Yeah Barton looked nice and we did come and have a look, but it seemed too far to the Facilities Block, they would have put us some distance away where they had got the Electricity card meters running. It used to be free electricity! We are at Mercia and think it is tops. Great community, great facilities a plenty, easy walk to town and fab towpath & Findern walks, fab pubs, bus stops just outside the Marina to Derby & Burton. Our dream is to become Continuous Cruisers but Mercia meets our interim needs.

Geoff and Mags said...

Hi Sue.
I know, I'll find plenty to do. Come March I'll be wondering where the winter went! Good idea with the walking thingy, I'll investigate.
Hi Blondinis. You're probably aware that we had intended to be in Mercia, having used it for a short time before. But the river came up, the stoppages started and we finished up here instead. I know what you mean about the distance to the "facilities", we were about as far away as you could get! Much better now, though.