Monday, December 03, 2012

Change of address

From our usual address – somewhere on the ??????? Canal, we’ve got a location for the next two weeks.
Berth 269, Pier 5, Barton Marina.

It’s a big place this, and pretty full, too. All the normal visitor berths are occupied, so we’re on a regular mooring opposite the shops.

First thing this morning the overnight rain lingered on a bit, but the sun was making it’s presence known as well.

Rainbow over Barton village

We left it till after noon before moving; we didn’t have far to go, Mags was dozing and I cleaned the cooker (very domesticated!).

Just 300 yards saw us turning into Barton Marina entrance
I tied up on the visitor moorings and went over to the office to get booked in, then moved across onto our allocated berth.

We’ve a boat either side but they appear to be unoccupied, in fact there don’t seem to be many residents here. I don't think it’s encouraged, the facilities are oddly placed, right at one end of the site. From here I’ve to trolley rubbish and loo tanks half way round the mooring basin. It’d be easier to move the boat over!

Still, it’s not for long, only till they get Barton and Tattenhill Locks open again.

Have you ever used the butcher/grocer in the lean-to at the bottom of Audlem Locks? If you haven’t you should, they’re very obliging. But you may not have long, C&RT are trying to get them shifted.
Sign here if you think they’re worth keeping. Thanks, Keith, for the link.

Ray, glad you got the blog sorted, and Maffi, sorry about that, senior moment. At least I didn’t call the boat Molly M!

Locks 0, miles ¼

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No Direction said...

Glad your in the Marina, if you need to know anything, such as buses into Burton/shops we have friends, Michael and Val Lee on nb Thistle which is on an end mooring by the main entrance to the pub.