Friday, December 07, 2012

Decision made.

We’ve chosen to stay put for the winter, rather than move on to Mercia Marina. Thanks for the comments, they helped us make up our minds. We’ll be changing berths, though, moving nearer the entrance but more importantly nearer the “facilities”.
Our new location will be Pier 1, Berth 24, but we won’t be moving till maybe Monday. It’s too windy at the moment for delicate manoeuvres, we’ve still some credit left on our power supply here, and I may as well pull onto the service wharf for diesel and solid fuel en route.
Another factor is the dog walking. There’s lots of footpaths around here, apart from the walks around the lakes formed from abandoned gravel pits.

Out with Meg on a frosty morning


Work is still continuing at Barton Lock.

We’ve had a fair old mixture of weather. Hard frosts down to -5°, winds and heavy rain, and warm sunshine. Typical December, I guess.

I’ve been working on a little project, designing a rack for John Sage on the counter. I don’t want to keep it on the roof, it’s not tidy and sooner or later it’ll get squashed under a low bridge. The plan is to mount it on a rack hanging off the back of the counter, above the stern button.

Where it’ll go

It’ll bolt onto the mounting points for the fender chains.

Today I made a mock-up out of a couple of broom-handles and some scrap plastic rail to see if it would work.

The horizontal section will be channel to roll the bike wheels on, then the bike frame will lean back against the A frame and be secured by straps.
Construction will be of box and channel section steel and I know just the chap for the job. My brother Andy has a fabrication and welding business…
A cover will complete the job.

At 5’9” overall, there’s 6½ inches of clearance at either end, and the widest point will be around 2’6” above the water. We’ll just have to watch out when turning against high banks. It sticks out behind about the same distance as the tipcat and button that protect the rudder.

Locks 0, miles 0.


No Direction said...

That's the right decision. We may see you over the winter as we visit Michael and Val Lee about once a month.

Graham Budd said...

That's just about where Graham mounted his. Everytime I leave a lock on a tight bend I leave part of the bike embedded in the lock wall - and that's with the bike mounted with one wheel removed!!!!

Chas and Ann said...

Just seen the Marina web site. What a great place to stay over Christmas. Right choice! Say hi to Margaret from Ann n Chas

Carol Palin said...

Your project will keep you busy for a while - what next then??

Geoff and Mags said...

Hi Ray
Give me shout when you come down. I've not had a chance to thank you properly...

Jill, looks like I might have to have a rethink. Maybe stand it on end? Either that or stick a couple of fenders on the quarters.

Ann and Chas, It's not a bad place, we've been in worse! Speak to you soon.

Hi Carol. I'll have to think of something, won't I. Keep well.

Carol said...

Hi Geoff
I have just spend a few weeks reading your blog from start for present. I was a member of the crew on a particularly ropey hire boat who slowed you down in October 2007. You gave us a great helping hand with the locks when one of our crew became ill. It was Meg I recognised first, then Mags and yourself. Glad to see your wife is on the mend. We may see you in March as we have hired a boat from Aqua, if we do I will give you a wave. Great read and has given me a good idea on our route. Thanks once again.

Geoff and Mags said...

Hi Carol
Wow, I admire your tenacity!
Would that be the boat at Audlem Locks at the end of the month?
Thanks for the kind words, have a good trip in March.
Cheers, Geoff

Carol said...

Yes Geoff that was us!! That boat was in a terrible state, we were having to fill the engine with about a litre of water everyday. They operate with new owners now!!
Love the Aqua boats, they are my builder of choice when the time comes! Try not to get too stir crazy at least you are in a great spot for the beast from the East.