Monday, March 19, 2012

Preparation Day….

We’ve had a bitty sort of day, tying up loose ends, getting ready to head towards Stoke. First off was to get another load of shopping in while we still had the car from the weekend, then it had to go back to Enterprise. We then filled the diesel tank at Anderton Marina, and the water tank at the services, getting rid of  rubbish and emptying the loo tanks at the same time.

It was gone 2 o’clock by the time we got away, so we just toddled along for a mile, mooring in Marbury Wood.

A touch of green in the trees..SAM_0002
Is it blackthorn that has flowers before leaves? Or hawthorn? I think it’s blackthorn.

In the week since our little convoy split up, our erstwhile cruising companions have been putting some distance in. George and Carol on NB Rock’n’Roll are south of Stoke, having covered 35 miles and been up (or down) 41 locks. Meanwhile Chas and Ann on NB Moore2Life are way down the Shroppie having done 26 miles and the same number of locks. In the same period we’ve moved just 7 miles.
 Making haste slowly, then.

Locks 0, miles 1.


Roger Smith said...

It is Blackthorn that flowers before it comes into leaf, if you remember where you see them blooming you can come back in the autumn and harvest the Sloes which can be used to make gin palatable.

Geoff and Mags said...

Thanks Roger
Make gin palatable? I think it'd take more than a few sloes!