Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Birds do it, bees do it….

Even educated fleas do it! And swans too….
Spring is certainly in the air.

Aah, young love….SAM_0004
…young lust….SAM_0006 Young Love
….time for a cigarette.SAM_0007 Young Love

The Canada geese are a little more discreet…

Heading for the bushes.SAM_0022

Dull and cool first thing this morning, but it brightened up considerably later.

We got away around 10:30, with another short day ahead of us.

This chap just wouldn’t stay still for his portrait.SAM_0010

Wot you looking at?

We were tempted to moor at Brambles Cutting, an offside picnic area set up by BW and the Broken Cross Boat Club. It’s a pleasant, quiet spot, but there is no (official) access to the towpath and TV is poor.

Brambles Cutting mooringsSAM_0016 brambles
It used to be a clay-pit, the clay used for lining the canal.

We pulled in just past Croxton Flash, about 15 minutes north of Middlewich Big Lock.

Croxton Flashpano Croxton Flash
During the decline in commercial carrying the fleet operators found they had redundant narrowboats taking up space. The flashes were considered suitable for storage, and several were laid up here. Some have been recovered, but at this time of year before the reed growth gets too thick, the odd bit of cabin or hull side of those that remain can still be seen .
SAM_0023 Croxton Flash

 SAM_0026 Croxton Flash

We’ll stay here tomorrow, then move up through the Middlewich Locks on Friday. A visit to Kings Lock chippy for tea tomorrow beckons…

I’m not especially a lover of cats, but here’s a story that warms the cockles….
If it’d been a dog I reckon it wouldn’t have been lost for more than a week.

Locks 0, miles 3


No Direction said...

It must be Swan mating day as the resident Marina Swans were "doing it" at 8 o'clock this morning.

Graham and Jill Findlay said...

Just south of Brambles Cutting, on the towpath side just before the bridge there is another mooring, hard bank, rings but no signage to tell you it's there. Nice field for dogs next to it as well. Hope all is well with you, we're still on the Monty, blissful peace.