Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Today our little convoy broke up. We headed north from Anderton, Rock’n’Roll and Moore2Life went south but will separate at Middlewich. All being well we’ll catch up with George and Carol on the Fens in the summer, but it’ll probably be next autumn or even winter before we see Charles and Ann again.

So we had to have a get-together last night…

The gang.SAM_0002

George thought he was too indistinct, away at the back, so here’s one on his own…SAM_0005

This morning it was time for final goodbyes….

R’n’R pulled out first…..SAM_0006 Partings

….followed by M2LPartings

We’ve travelled together since the end of November, when we caught up with the other two boats at Gailey. It’s been a very enjoyable winter, I reckon we’ll probably do it again next year, God willing.

We followed them down to the services a little later, just in time to see the Rockers disappear round the corner, then turned around and headed up through the two tunnels to moor looking down on the Weaver Valley.

Very smart NB Easton May moored in AndertonSAM_0010 Nice Boat

Barnton Basin, just before the tunnelSAM_0011 Barnton Basin

Why is it that both Barnton and Saltersford Tunnels have awkward southern entrances?

Approaching Barnton TunnelSAM_0012 Barnton Tunnel
You have to swing well to the right to be able to see through. With a single width bore and no restrictions on entry times it’s first come, first in!
Out of Barnton there’s another basin in the short distance to Saltersford Tunnel.

Saltersford? Basin.SAM_0014 Saltersford Basin
The area on the left used to be used to tranship goods from canal to river down the bank.

Another awkward entry into Saltersford TunnelSAM_0015 Saltersford Tunnel
At least in this case there shouldn’t be a boat coming the other way. Passage is controlled by a timetable; going north you go through on the hour and up to 20 minutes after, southbound it’s on the ½ hour and up to 10 minutes to. Of course, there’s always the chance someone has got it wrong....

There’s a wooded mile of canal hanging above the Weaver north of the tunnel, then the canal breaks out into the open with fine views over the river. We turned around and moored up.

Moored above the Weaver Valley.SAM_0016 Above the Weaver

We’ll stay here till Thursday, then head back into Anderton for the weekend. I’ve got my first event this year on Sunday, a ½ marathon in Liverpool. My training’s been plagued by injuries, though, so I don’t expect to do well. There’s always the Manchester 10Km to look forward to, then the Great Yorkshire Run in Sheffield followed by the iconic Great North Run… plenty of opportunity to redeem myself.

Today started a bit murky, but the sun made a hesitant appearance so the late afternoon was very pleasant. Same weather pattern for tomorrow, according to the forecast.

Locks 0, miles 3½


Sue /Boatwif said...

Hi Geoff,
Have very much enjoyed your account of the Weaver Navigation - it's been very informative, a really useful preparation for us as we are planning to do a first ever Weaver trip at the end of the month. We passed you last year, near Weston when heading back to the Macc after visiting Sharpness and Aylesbury. Good luck with your runs and with your summer boating on the Fens.
Sue (Boatwif, nb Cleddau)

Wren said...

Wow. I love the photos. Thank you for continuing to share.

Geoff and Mags said...

Hi Sue, Wren
Glad to be of help.
Sue, I GUARANTEE you'll enjoy the Weaver!
We should still be around this area, so will look out for you.
Cheers, Geoff