Thursday, March 29, 2012

A change on the way….

First thing this morning was milder but misty. A check of the barometer showed pressure dropping, after it’s been nailed resolutely to 1038mb for the last few days.

Falling pressure…SAM_0022 Falling Pressure

A breeze from the north has also sprung up through the day. It looks like our unseasonable weather is now on the turn. Still, it was good while it lasted.

We pulled pins at around 10:45, the sun had pushed through the haze and it was a fine day, but that breeze was cool.

Pessimistic cowsSAM_0002 Pessimists

Once again the locks have been frequent so I’ve spent more time off the boat than on.

Leaving our first of the day, Lock 54, near Rode HeathSAM_0004 Thurlwood

The left-hand chamber was empty when we arrived, and this set the scene for the day. Most of the locks were ready for us, and we were able to leave the top gates open on a couple of occasions for oncoming boats.

The locks punctuated the trip, so that’s the majority subject of today’s photos.

Into the bottom lock of the Lawton three.SAM_0009

Looking back down Lawton Treble Locks.SAM_0012 Lawton Locks

Double arched bridge over the twin chambers at Lock 49SAM_0011 Lawton Locks

Closest to the camera is the newer chamber, added to improve traffic flow. You can see this difference on the bridge arches; the earlier one has dressed stone blocks, the later, cheaper engineering brick.

Most of the locks that were duplicated had the later chamber built on the offside. At this lock it’s a moot point; the towpath changes sides here anyway.

Mags taking Seyella under the arches of the duplicated Hall’s LockSAM_0014 Lawton Locks

Church Locks are just a little further on, just two here. Both of the later chambers on the offside are derelict.

Church Locks.SAM_0017 Church Locks

Derelict chamber at Lock 47, Church Top LockSAM_0018 Church Locks

We pulled in just around the corner, in view of All Saint’s Church. There has been a place of worship here since 1180.

The area takes it’s name from the local landowning family. The land was granted to a gamekeeper Adam de Lauton, who saved King John from a wolf after he was thrown from his horse. In gratitude the King gave de Lauton all the land he could walk in a week, starting at the corpse of the wolf. The family coat of arms includes a wolf’s head.

Locks 8,  miles 2½


Andy Bayley said...

Hi Geoff- You will have probably seen it but just to let you know that the River Nene seems to be getting quite low on water according to an article in Narrowboat World. DOnt know if this will mean a change of plans for you. Interestingly Sue on NB No Problem has just gone onto the River so she could give you an on the spot view! River Soar still at very low summer levels.
Andy Bayley NB Brindley

Geoff and Mags said...

Hi Andy
Yes, spotted that. Not sure what to do now this summer. Paid for a Gold Licence, too. We'll not be heading that way till end of May, so things might change....
Cheers, Geoff