Saturday, March 03, 2012


This is my 1000th post! I honestly never thought I’d stick at it this long, way back in 2006 when I started blogging. It was intended to merely let our families know where we were and what we were up to, but it’s developed considerably from there.

In terms of experience and knowledge we’re a million miles away from those first heady days in August 5½ years ago (but I’ll be happy to admit we’re still learning) but geographically we’re less than a mile from our first night’s mooring out of the marina!

Moored in Marbury Wood, August 9th, 2006.Mooring at Marbury 09 August.2

Our outlook has changed, we’re far more easy going than we were then, conforming now more to the gentle pace of the waterways than frantic pace of the rat-race.

Seyella has also changed. Decorative paintwork adorns the top bend at the fore-end, there’s far more stuff on the roof and the cabin sides are not as glossy as they were.

There’s a cratch board (the second) and cover over the well deck, and the interior has altered considerably, the dinette has moved twice, the galley once and the bed is now across rather than in-line.

We’ve made lots of good friends, people we’d never have met had we not adopted this lifestyle.
There’s been some “challenges”, but each one has given us that little bit more confidence in our abilities.

There’re still lots more waterways to explore, and return trips to those we’ve enjoyed before. Roll on the next 5½ years! I hope I’ll still be posting, (and you’ll still be reading) when the blog reaches it’s 2000th entry!

Just a couple of statistics – we’ve cruised 5968 miles and been up or down 3396 locks. Our “donk” has reliably clocked up 5857 hours without missing a beat. Not bad, eh.

Locks 0, miles 0 


Graham said...

Congratulations!! I've only been following you for just about a year but enjoyed the ride immensely. I hope I can stand the excitement for the next 1000 postings!


Ted Webb said...

We are neighbors since the internet.I have traveled the world through National Geographic an people like you two.But I will say I've done it in the confort of my home.It has been a pleasure staying up with your blogg the last couple of years

Geoff and Mags said...

Hi Graham and Ted
Good to have you aboard.
Regards, Geoff

Anonymous said...

where is the mob going next,as i like to stay clear of mobs. bit like you and the braunston mob!

Geoff and Mags said...

The "mob" is spending a few days on the Weaver before breaking up and going in different directions. So you don't have to worry.

Ade said...

Hi Geoff a 1000 posts and I'm new here, read everyone in maybe the last 6 weeks! Getting closer to catching up now.