Thursday, March 15, 2012

Back to Anderton.

Our couple of nights out in the sticks spent, we returned through the two tunnels to Anderton today.
It was cool and dull this morning, and, unlike the last two days, didn’t improve much later.

Heading towards Saltersford Tunnel, looking back at Bridge 204SAM_0004 Bridge 204

Just before the tunnel we spotted this chap checking out the opportunities for lunch…

BuzzardSAM_0005 Looking for lunch

Steerers-eye view in Saltersford TunnelSAM_0008 In saltersford

Barnton Tunnel, next, is no easier to get into from this end – you still have to swing wide to the right to get a look through….

Barnton Tunnel, north endSAM_0018 Barnton Tunnel

Then after the tunnel there’s the same problem at Barnton Bridge!

Another blind entry!SAM_0019 Barnton Bridge

Beyond the bridge the canal is carried in a concrete-edged channel, cut into the steep slope rising from the river below. The slope above looks a little unstable in places…

Precarious shed. I wonder if it’ll float…SAM_0020 Precarious

We pulled in just after the lift for the night. We’ll be around the area for the weekend, I’ve a car organised from Enterprise in Northwich for my run in Liverpool on Sunday.

A few weeks ago I was at a loose end so knocked up a small stool out of some offcuts. I decided I’d try my hand at decorating it with traditional “roses”. So today I set to, and this is the result….

Decorated stool.SAM_0001
On the door panels in the background are “proper” ones for comparison. I don’t think they’re that bad, are they? A coat of varnish to protect the design and a cover on the top will finish it off.

British Waterways have been reviewing the water supply situation, and have come up with a series of lock use restrictions. These are in place on the Grand Union flights at Buckby, Braunston, Stoke Bruerne and Calcutt. The Leicester Section is worse affected, both Watford and Foxton are restricted, and the locks south of Leicester heading to Kilby Bridge will only be open over the Easter period. The South Oxford is also affected.
For opening times and up to date info go to .
It looks like any cruising plans for the south and east will be compromised. The Northampton Arm will be completely closed after Easter, apart from on specific weekends. This is our route to the River Nene and the Fens. Could be tricky….

Locks 0, miles 3½

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