Monday, February 27, 2012

On the move again.

NB Rock’n’Roll caught us up on Saturday after their diversion down the Montgomery. To celebrate the occasion we had, as Carol put it, a “get back together get together”. Much chatting over a bottle or two? of wine.

Catching up, R’n’R pulling in above Grindley BrookSAM_0001 RnR arrives above Grindley Brook

The dog pack were glad to be together….SAM_0002

We’d moved to just above Grindley Brook Locks, and this is where we stayed till today.
We all had to fill with water before we tackled the locks, especially us. For only the third time we’d actually sucked the tank dry this morning. Unusually we were the first away, and, tanks full or empty as appropriate, we started down the locks at just before 10 o’clock.

Top lock of the triple staircase.SAM_0001 Grindley Brook

Moving into the bottom lock of the staircase, Moore2Life in the top chamber.SAM_0002 Grindley Brook

Rounding the corner to the top of the three individual locks, we saw another boat coming up. We swapped locks with them, but they had to wait as Chas and Ann come down, followed by a hire boat who’d managed to sneak in before R’n’R.

Swapping locks below the staircase.SAM_0003 Grindley Brook

Now we’d passed a boat coming up all three locks were set in our favour, so we had an easy run down.

Leaving Grindley Brook under the old railway bridge there’s about a mile to cruise before arriving at Povey’s Lock. Just time for a coffee.

Into Povey’s Lock, M2L arriving behind us.SAM_0005 Povey's Lock
Someone’s been busy, nice new footboards top and bottom!SAM_0006 Povey's Lock
There are some splendid mooring spots around here, with fine views across the rolling farmland.

One of the SUCS moorings near Steer Bridge.SAM_0008 ood moorings near Quoisley

The locks come regularly as we head towards Wrenbury, spaced out along the canal. Willeymoor and Quoisley went past, then we arrived at Marbury Lock, followed shortly by M2L.

Chas and Ann at Marbury.
SAM_0010 Marbury Lock
The lock cottage is looking well again after renovation.

We pulled in on our agreed overnight stop, just below the lock.

Below Marbury LockSAM_0012 Below Marbury Lock

We hadn’t seen anything of George and Carol since the water tap above Grindley Brook. They arrived about an hour later, having followed the hire boat heading back to Wrenbury, then NB Jandai, down the locks. With those two in front and NB Tristram Sprague coming up in between, they did well to be only an hour behind us!

We’re making tracks again now. We’ve decided we’re all heading for the Weaver, and we want to be up at Anderton  by the weekend. So it’s long 4 hour days for us!

Locks 10 (yes, 10!), miles 4½

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