Tuesday, February 28, 2012

It’s getting busier….

The closer we get to the Shroppie main line the more boats we see on the move. Today we’ve met at least half-a-dozen, and only one of those was a hire boat.

We were a little later away today, Carol and George wanted to have a look around the pretty village of Marbury before we moved on. It was, though, only just after 10 when we pulled pins.

The convoy heads towards WrenburySAM_0002 Away from near Wrenbury
Just along from where we’d moored is Thomason’s Bridge, and a winding hole given the same name. Hire boats coming in off the Shroppie maybe only get this far before having to turn around. The winding hole has certainly seen some service!

Thomason’s (battered) Winding HoleSAM_0005 Thomason's Winding hole

There are three lift bridges near Wrenbury, but the first at Wrenbury Frith is normally left open.
SAM_0006 Wrenbury Frith Br

The second carries the main road through the village, which can be fairly busy. Ann jumped off Moore2Life to deal with this one, though.

Wrenbury Lift Bridge, with the hire base for ABC Leisure on the other side.SAM_0009 Wrenbury Lift Br

Looking back, M2L coming through with Rock’n’Roll lining up nextSAM_0011 Wrenbury Lift Br

Molly’s looking for her Mum… SAM_0011 Wrenbury Lift Br

We pulled up in Wrenbury, just after Church Lift Bridge, to make a quick visit to the shop. At least us and M2L did. George and Carol didn’t need anything so pushed on to Baddiley Locks.

There are three locks here, and Meg made friends with a local dog at the middle one.

Mags comes in to Baddiley Lock No2SAM_0013 Baddiley Middle

Meg’s mate, some labrador there, I reckon. Don’t know where he got the stumpy legs from, though.SAM_0014 Meg's Mate

We made short work of the three, George had left each one with a paddle up so they were full by the time we arrived. We returned the favour by doing the same for Chas and Ann.

It was as we approached the two locks at Swanley that we met several boats on the way up. We were able to swap locks at both.

George had walked up to lock us through after they’d got tied up, but we were already out of the bottom one by the time he arrived. He was able to help Ann though, as M2L arrived soon afterwards.

We joined R’n’R tied up just beyond the entrance to Swanley Bridge Marina.

Day’s cruising over, moored near Swanley Bridge.SAM_0019 Moored nr Swanley

Tomorrow we’ll be saying goodbye to the Langollen, turning left onto the Shropshire Union main line, then right onto the Middlewich Branch to pick up the Trent and Mersey.

The “Welsh Canal” has been kind to us this winter, very little ice, very little snow while the rest of the network seems to have had to deal with quantities of both. It’s a good canal for over-wintering.

It’s certainly a lot quieter during the off-season than it is in the summer. We may well be back…

Locks 5, miles 6½                                                                         


Andy Bayley said...

Hi Geoff - Andy Bayley from NB Brindley. Still reading your comments from our land base! You may want to check the River Nene levels as I know you said you were thinking of going there this summer. Water levels here in the East Midlands are pretty low even the River Soar I reckon is below its summer level. Certainly couldnt moor up opposite the Otter at Kegworth when I visited earlier this week. I think we will head down the Trent and see if we can get upto Rippon this year.

Geoff and Mags said...

Hi Andy
Good to know you're still with us, thanks!
We decided to head down to Braunston and then across to Gayton, avoiding any potential problems on the Leicester Summit. Assuming there's water on the Coventry and N Oxford...
We're intending to head for Ripon after the Fens, so should see you up there.