Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lots of lift bridges and a Pancake Party….

We left the Prees Branch yesterday, heading back up to the main line and turning right towards Whitchurch. I couldn’t post while we were down at the end of the branch, my 3 MIFI modem let me down for the first time; no network no matter where I put it. Then yesterday evening we had guests….

Two nights without getting on-line and my inbox is stuffed with 162 messages, and I’ve 60 posts to catch up with in Google Reader. Guess what I’m doing after posting this…

Heading back down the branch, following Moore2Life through Allman’s Lift Bridge.SAM_0003 Allmans Lift Bridge
Turning onto the main line….SAM_0005 Out onto Main Line

…..and through Morris Lift Bridge. My turn to do this one.SAM_0006 Morris Lift Br

The day was overcast but mild, and now the half-term holiday is over, there wasn’t another boat moving.

We took it in turns to do the bridges, seven of them in all, so our little convoy plodded on without interruption.

Tilstock Park Lift Bridge, green instead of the corporate black and white of BW.SAM_0007 Tilstock Park Lift Br

This stretch of canal is remote and peaceful, pasture on both sides with the odd farmhouse nestling in a fold in the land.

M2L following on near Fens BankSAM_0010 Near Fens Bank
The two Hassell’s bridges were dealt with, then we passed the hire base at Whitchurch Marina.

Still waiting for the season to start here…SAM_0013 Whitchurch Marina
We didn’t see any Viking Afloat (or Yellow Perils, as they are called by some) boats out during the school holiday. I guess this base doesn’t start until Easter.

Round the left hand bend, past the entrance to the Town Arm, through New Mills Lift Bridge and we moored on the right on the visitor moorings.

Moored near WhitchurchSAM_0014 Moored at Whitchurch
I think Ann’s telling Charles off about some transgression…

We were met by Mo and Ness off NB Balmaha. We knew they were heading this way, and would have been here sooner had they not got frozen in for a few days in Market Drayton.

We already arranged for Chas and Ann to join us for a pancake party, it being Shrove Tuesday and all, so the invite was extended to include Mo and Ness as well.

Mags made the batter, I tossed the pancakes, the guests brought the wine and we all had a very enjoyable evening. Sorry, no pictures, you’ll have to go to Balmaha’s or M2L's blogs. I was too busy with the frying pan…

Today was supposed to be wet and windy, so no cruising. We had the wind but very little rain. We had a trip up into town for a bit of shopping, and Charles invested in some new technology. I’ll let him tell you about that….

Catching the bus back, Ann somehow managed to convince the driver that I should have a bus pass like she and her husband. A bit of a double-edged sword, that. I saved 85p, but must be looking a bit careworn. I’ve still another 9½ years before I qualify! Maybe the driver needed glasses…..

The Rockers seem to have enjoyed their trip on the Montgomery, not withstanding the incident with the geese. We’ll hang around here till they catch up, I reckon.

Oh, and as promised, Hi, Dad and Ann! Open-mouthed smile . My Dad and Stepmum have recently gone on line and are still sometimes having a little trouble with this “interweb thingy”. They’ll get there in the end…

Locks 0, miles 6½

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