Monday, February 13, 2012

Not much happening…..

It’s all been a bit quiet on the activity front. We spent the weekend moored just outside Crick, only 10 minutes over the border into England. The weather has turned around, cold, frosty nights and sunny days have been replaced by mild nights and days. It’s supposed to stay like this all week, giving some hope to those other winter cruisers who’ve been iced in for several days.
We’ve been OK, the constant flow of water down the Llangollen keeps it ice-free in all but the most severe of conditions.

Well, almost ice-free….

A few bits of thin stuff near Moreton Bridge.SAM_0003 Ice

Just around here there was a sight that made me want to get the saw out again, but it was on private land behind a barbed-wire topped fence…

Enough there for all winter!SAM_0001 More Wood

There are quite a few boats about at the moment, it’s half-term so some families are getting an early season break in. We’re between two hire bases, Blackwater Meadow Marina at Ellesmere is home to a few Canal Cruising Club boats, and Trevor basin has an Anglo-Welsh base. So we’re seeing hire boats from both directions. And there’s the odd intrepid crew who’ve come all the way from Wrenbury!

We had an uneventful short trip today, filling up with water above New Marton Locks before dropping down them and mooring below. Jan and Dai (NB Jandai) are here as well.
After a cup of tea and a bite to eat I set to with the chain saw and sliced up the logs on the roof. The rings are now back on the roof, but looking a lot tidier!

We’re now starting to think about short-term plans. Long term we’re heading for the Fens, but before that I’ve and event in Liverpool in March, then another in Manchester in May. So we’ll be hanging around north Cheshire till then, before making a bee-line south and east to Northampton and the link to the River Nene. Sometime we've also got to get Seyella dry-docked for hull blacking. Not sure whether to go for a DIY job or pay someone this year. Anyone know of any covered dry docks for DIY use around Middlewich or Northwich?

Locks 2, miles 3


Alf said...

Middlewich one used to be diy but not sure if it is now, Middlewich narropwboats is under new ownership, so may be worth the call, or the side slip one at Northwich on the Weaver ? tho cant remember if the lift is out of action at the mo. Aqueduct do diy either out side or you can hire one of their worksops.

Chas and Ann said...

Hi Geoff, Just a little 'typo' . I am sure you mean Chirk rather than Crick! We just do not travel that fast.

Bruce in Sanity said...

Did you mean Chirk, by any chance?




Geoff and Mags said...

Picky, picky, picky!
You mike just ONE smell typo....

Geoff and Mags said...

Thanks Alf
The one part way up Middlewich locks would be useful. I'll have a ring around.
Cheers, Geoff.

Anonymous said...