Friday, December 01, 2017

The last locks for a few days

Yesterday we came up the Grindley Brook locks, raising the canal just over 40 feet through three single chambers followed by a triple staircase.

Another bright morning after a frosty night.DSCF1981

Going up the singles…

…and then up the staircase.

The top of the staircase has a fine lock-keepers cottage alongside, but it’s no longer occupied by the lock-keeper.
We topped up the water tank and disposed of rubbish and recycling, then moved another 100 yards or so before mooring up. The locks took us just under an hour from bottom to top, so we had a pleasantly short day. Although it was sunny that cold wind was still with us, so Mags was glad to get inside near the fire. I told her I could manage on my own but she was having none of it. I was fine, the activity and a warm jacket keeping me toasty.

Meg stayed on board for the duration, I didn’t want her following me across lock gates as she’s still not 100%. Still improving day by day, though.

A hard frost last night showed -4° on the external thermometer, cold enough to leave ice on the canal in the winding hole above the locks. But the main channel remains clear. It’ll need to be a lot colder than that to freeze the flow down to Hurleston. And it’s getting mild again over the weekend and through next week.

Leaving this morning for another very short day, just up to the Whitchurch ArmDSCF1988

I was hoping to moor in the entrance channel of the arm, but there were boats there already, so we pulled around the corner instead. We didn’t even have to open the lift bridge ourselves, Annie, a boater we met last year up here, was off her boat and opened it for us.
We’ll probably stay here for the weekend now.

Hi Judith, Ade. Yes, Meg is certainly on the mend now. Still a little way to go before she’s back to chasing a ball, but we’re getting there.
Hiya Carol, it was a little too cold for shorts, even for me. But I change into them as soon as we stop. You know how warm it is in Magsworld!

Locks 6, miles 1½

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