Thursday, December 14, 2017

Moving on now the weather’s improved.

It's all very nice and picturesque, but after a couple of days dealing with heavy snow it pales a bit, doesn't it.

After rain and sunshine the snow has mostly melted, but the ice, where the snow was compacted underfoot, still lurks ready to upset the unwary.

Ice across the junction after a very cold Monday night.DSCF2070

Sleet last night froze first thing, but the clear skies left us with a beautiful morning.

Leaving Ellesmere, past the maintenance yard.DSCF2072

We had a late start today; Meg didn’t have a good night, wheezing a bit and wanting to go out several times, but she’s had a good sleep today and seems better. So consequently I slept in, and by the time I’d been up into town for bread and milk, then pushed across to fill with water and dispose of the rubbish, it was half-eleven when we finally got under way.

A fine day, but still cold.

Yellow gorse and snowy fields near Val Hill.

Looking south across the flat plain towards ShrewsburyDSCF2078

We often stop at Frankton Junction, reversing in to moor just inside the entrance to the Montgomery Canal, above the locks. But today we toddled on.

Frankton Junction.

Today I wanted to moor away from official mooring sites so I could get some wood cut. We’ve been burning solid fuel for the last couple of days, even though we’ve several logs on the roof. But the weather and location at Ellesmere didn’t lend themselves to using the chainsaw on the towpath…

The plan was to stop below New Marton Locks, but by the time we’d got to Bridge 3W Meg was getting fidgety, wanting a wee, (as did I…) and I remembered a very pleasant mooring just before 4W. I pulled in just shy of the mooring rings, so the wood chippings wouldn’t be a nuisance to other moorers, and set to after a quick bite and brew.

Moored near Bridge 4W…

…with an audience!

I got the logs sliced and diced just in time before the clouds built up and a band of rain moved in from the west. It’s supposed to clear leaving us another fine day tomorrow. We’ve the last pair of locks to do, about 45 minutes away.

Locks 0, miles 4½

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