Sunday, December 10, 2017

More of the same…

More snow overnight and all through the day today. It’s going to be messy when this lot melts!DSCF2052


A snow-shrouded tree looks eerie in the dark.

We might head out of the arm tomorrow to fill with water on the wharf then moor on the main line. The still water here is turning slushy on the surface and we don’t want to have to break ice to leave if we can avoid it.

Meg appears to have stabilised; she’s not right but doesn’t seem to be getting worse. Still wheezing and coughing occasionally, but she’s eating well, getting on and off the boat with no problems and even chasing snowballs for a short while today. The antibiotics have long finished and the infection doesn’t seem to have returned, which was something I dreaded. I think it’s probably left a scar on her lung though, so she’s likely to be short of breath for some time, if not indefinitely. She’s in no pain though, is sleeping well, and is happy to play with a toy for five minutes. Fingers crossed…

And I've just discovered that roof-mounted internet aerials don't work under 8" of snow!

Locks 0, miles 0.


Carol said...

So pleased to hear that Meg is feeling better now. Take care all of you. xx

Ade said...

Like the snowy photos Geoff, glad meg continues to make progress.