Monday, May 29, 2017

Still at Fazeley, watching the boats go by.

Last Saturday we moved around the corner, onto the embankment leading to the Tame Aqueduct. It’s open and sunny here. Of course, since we moved we haven’t seen a lot of sun…

Dave and Barbara set off as well, but they’re on their way “dahn sarf”, so went considerably further than we did!
They pulled onto the services at Peels Wharf, we followed a few minutes later but went around the corner to take on water opposite the junction.

Looking back at the Canal Traders market.IMG_4709

We were still filling when Liberty Bell came past us again.IMG_4712
A lovely couple, we don’t get to see them often enough.

One of my little projects recently has been to replace the fenders that run around the counter. They’ve been on for a few years now and are looking a little worse for wear.

Also they are mounted a bit to far forward, using the aft-most fender eye, so they tend to catch against steel piling and in locks. As a trial I’ve bought some 32mm Hempex, artificial hemp, and spliced tails into either end of a pair of four foot lengths. With new fixings fitted towards the stern they sit where they’re supposed to, to protect the counter paintwork.IMG_4714
I‘m quite pleased with how they look, I just hope they perform as well.

Today we chose not to move again; the forecast was for rain on and off all day. But in between showers I managed to get the right side fender installed too, by pushing across the canal and mooring outside the CRT maintenance yard for an hour. Nobody there today, of course. I also got that side of the boat washed down. I’d scrubbed the roof and washed the right side yesterday. So we’re looking quite smart again, for a bit.

We’ll toddle on tomorrow, Polesworth I reckon. There’s a problem with the top of the two Glascote Locks, a boat has damaged the top gate so you can only go up with CRT assistance. There was a rumour that they were closing it for draining and inspection tomorrow, so I cycled up to have a chat with the lockie helping boats today. Turns out tomorrow it’ll be in operation, but it’s likely they’ll have a look at it on Wednesday. So if you’re heading this way take a look at the stoppages list… We’ll be well past by then.

There’s a moorhen nest opposite us, only one chick though and apparently only one parent. So we’ve kept them fed…

Only a mother could love them


More, please!

Locks 0, miles about a ¼, maybe.    

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