Saturday, May 20, 2017

Rain Stopped Play…

Well, today’s forecast went something like – “A bright start with showers moving in, some heavy”. With that in mind we didn’t have a planned destination, we decided to see how it went.

It was half-ten by the time we untied, and still dry but with cloud building. We got down Star Lock, filled the water tank, and almost cleared Aston Lock too before the showers started.

Heading to Star Lock

A handful of cygnets

Aston Lock…

…at the halfway point on the canal

The Trent valley along here is wide and fertile, mostly given over to grazing. IMG_4594 

A fine pair, motor boat Baltic and butty Star

The rain had moved in and was becoming pretty steady. I decided that if it didn’t let up by midday we’d pull in. No joy in travelling in the rain.

Two Canada geese families
Another two groups are grazing in the field beyond.

We gave it best just after Bridge 85, with open views to the left and a hedge to keep the breeze off to the right.IMG_4601
Soon after we stopped we had one of those predicted heavy showers, we’d probably have stopped then anyway so it was good to have pulled in at a place of our choosing. They’ve been on and off all afternoon, but they didn’t deter more intrepid souls than ours.

It’s a fine evening now, and the weather is supposed to improve overnight and next week, too. We’ll probably do a bit tomorrow.

Locks 2, miles 2¾ 

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Nick Wilcox said...

We must have been following you down - we left Canal Cruising at Stone at around the same time that you set off. We passed you when you were moored, didn't get the chance to say hello as you were sensibly in the dry, while we were heading back to do an airport run.

We really enjoy reading your blog and keeping up with your travels.

Best wishes,

Nick and Anne,
Nb City of Durham