Tuesday, May 09, 2017

And then there were six!

We were just getting ready to set off when a boat when past. It was Chardonnay, the boat we came up the lift with yesterday afternoon. So we set off in hot pursuit, well, sort of tepid, really, so we could share Middlewich Big Lock with them.

Leaving the flash

See the bird paddling along to the right? It was this chap, been to fetch breakfast. IMG_4381
I’m guessing that there’s a grebe nest in the reeds with a brood of youngsters installed.

Through the woods alongside the River Dane, full of birdsong even on a dull morning.IMG_4382

We caught sight of Chardonnay before Bridge 177IMG_4385

The sunken boat along here isn’t looking any better…IMG_4386

A boat pulled out from the Brambles Cutting moorings between us and Chardonay…IMG_4391
…so now there were two in front, and one had caught up our slow convoy from behind. The new addition was Oakfield, the boat we went down the lift with last Tuesday. So both our lift companions are there, now!

It stayed like this till we rounded the corner below Big Lock, and there were another two there, waiting to go up. Good job no-one was in a hurry.

It wasn’t too bad, even though it’s a slow lock. Crews off waiting boats helped those ahead up, and we had one to fetch down too. Of course, there was no-one waiting when it was our turn. Still, 45 minutes later we were tied up alongside the small park, handy for shopping.

Meg had a vet appointment this afternoon, just a six monthly check-up and a new prescription for her arthritis meds. A bit of shopping in the morning and then we’ll amble up the Middlewich Locks and moor up above Kings. Kings Lock Chippie for tea tomorrow.

I‘ve been trying to get Meg sorted with a groomer to get her clipped. The one we’ve used in the past at Wheelock seems to have closed, but another has opened at the farm just a little way up the locks. I’m waiting to hear back from them.

Locks 1, miles 4 


Alf said...

There is a groomer at 88 Wheelock street in Middlewich, can not personally vouch for them but the Facebook site has some good reviews, Waggs Boutique.

Alf said...


Geoff and Mags said...

Hi Alf. Yes, tried them three years ago. A bit too near the wood for our liking, frankly.
Ay up KevinToo. Glad I could keep you occupied for a while. ;-}