Friday, May 19, 2017

Just down into Stone.

We timed it well today, dropping down three locks that were in our favour, and getting on the popular moorings above Star Lock.

Roger Fuller’s yard above Limekiln Lock

It looks like Cactus is getting some new metal stuck to her bottom.IMG_4574

Limekiln Lock had a boat just coming up as we arrived.IMG_4575

Mags and Meg below Limekiln.

A pair of volunteers locked us down through Newcastle Road Lock, then we chugged gently past the moored boats on one side and Joule’s Brewery warehouse on the other.

A few inches of water was needed to fill Yard Lock, but that didn’t take long.IMG_4579

Very familiar territory, this. I’ve blacked the bottom above the lock at Canal Cruising’s dry dock, and nearly 3 years ago we spent a week in the wet dock painting the cabin.

Mossy lock gates

We’d decided that we’d moor below here if we could, but it’s usually full…

…not this morning!

The offside moorings were full, but they’re not my first choice being alongside the carpark, but there’s room for three boats on the right. That’ll do nicely, thank you.

We’d tied up and I noticed something new has been erected in the grassy area just across the way.IMG_4582

It’s positioning is a little ironic. It was here on Crown Meadow that Sir William Stanley camped his army on the way to the decisive battle at Bosworth. And it was there that he and his brother Thomas betrayed King Richard III, throwing in their lot with Henry Tudor which led to Richard’s defeat and death. For Henry it wasn’t enough to defeat the King and steal the crown, in the ultimate act of humiliation Richard’s naked body was slung over the back of a mule and paraded through the streets of Leicester.
As you can probably guess, I’m not a fan of the despotic and self-serving Tudor dynasty…

Locks 3, miles 1

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