Wednesday, May 10, 2017

A short run up through Middlewich

Today we toddled up the Middlewich locks, mooring above Kings Lock at lunchtime. No volunteers on today, unlike yesterday, but we still took just about an hour. Not a lot to report, one or two coming down and a pause with boats ahead to go up Kings, but not for too long.

Leaving the moorings alongside the small park.IMG_4395

Mags waiting for me to set Lock 74, Andersen Boats hire base looking empty. They must be busy…IMG_4399

Having negotiated the tricky bend below Lock 72, coming in to the chamber.IMG_4400

Above Lock 72 there’s a congregation of boats, a lot of them Middlewich Boats hire fleet.IMG_4401
I guess they’re not doing so well yet this season.

That’s it, out of Kings Lock. I left the top gate open for a boat coming down the cut.IMG_4404

Wheelock tomorrow, and the start of the climb up the Cheshire locks. But for this evening fish and chips from across the road.

Locks 4, miles just under 1.

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