Thursday, April 13, 2017

Taking it easy.

We cruised into Christleton, on the outskirts of Chester, on Tuesday. An easy trip, no locks to worry about, and with sunny spells. Still cool in the breeze, though.

I just kept snapping away as we passed this chap. They usually don’t let you get too close…

Wary buzzard…

…keeping an eye on us!

The canal passes through flat countryside, hedge-bounded fields being grazed by small herds of dairy cows.IMG_3973

When we last passed this way Tattehhall Marina was unfinished.IMG_3975

Eight years ago…
April 2009 036 Tattenhill Marina B

Tediously slow going past the seemingly endless linear moorings at Golden NookIMG_3977

This rural stretch is interrupted at Waverton, where the unlikely-named Egg Bridge crosses the canal…IMG_3981
…then there’s another green stretch till the canal enters the built-up area at Christleton.

We pulled in just past Bridge 120, Rowton Bridge, within shouting distance of The Cheshire Cat.
We had lunch in the pub with Val and John yesterday, they’d come across with my latest acquisitions, a lump of foam so I could re-upholster Mags seat, and a new rear tyre for John Sage. They’ve been really good to us while we’ve been up here, and lunch was to show our appreciation.

I got those jobs done today, Mags is bouncing about happily on her now-comfy seat, and the bike is sporting a shiny new back tyre. With a bit more meat on it the punctures might not be so frequent… hopefully! (Talking about the bike, not Mags chair!)

Thanks Alf, for the comment on Beeston Iron Lock. A look on Google Earth suggests that the canal ran just slightly to the north, and I think the access to the cottage is on the original bed.

Locks 0, miles 5½

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