Sunday, April 30, 2017

Bright and breezy as we head to Anderton

We had a drop of rain yesterday as we relaxed at the flashes, but nothing of any consequence. I was still able to get a couple of jobs done, one of which was tracing a diesel fuel leak on the feed to the engine. Only a seep, really, but you know how just a drop of diesel seems to get everywhere. Nipping up a union seems to have sorted it.

It was very windy first thing, so much so that we nearly abandoned todays trip. If there had been rain forecast as well we would have, but it was supposed to stay dry so we set off.

Billinge Green Flash, the next one north, was going to be occupied by a marina, but with the Crewe to Manchester HS2 line running right alongside I guess plans have been scrapped.IMG_4174

But the Park Farm Marina a bit further on is now open and taking customers. IMG_4177

Orchard Marina, where Seyella was built, is mainly moorings now, although there was a boat in one of the docks being blacked.IMG_4178

They’re also employing a doorman now…
“Can’t come in ere wivout a tie, mate…”

It looks like the Broken Cross has had a face-lift…IMG_4180

Roughly contemporary with the canal.

We chugged past the boats for sale at Wincham Wharf, then made a sharp left at Wincham Bend. The cottage here doesn’t have road access, and the resident had a small tank-boat built to collect fuel oil for his central heating.IMG_4185

Abandoned and with no name or identification numbers, this will be another one that CRT will have to foot the bill to recover.

This is a pleasant spot to moor, just before Marbury Woods looking out over the fields towards Great Budworth.
We were frozen in here one winter.

A rushed shot of bluebells in Marbury Wood.IMG_4189

We pulled in near the services at Anderton, outside Uplands Marina at about 12:15. Plenty of time to get sorted out then relax to watch the F1 from Russia. I got up to make a brew, glanced out of the window, and…
…spotted these!

The first cygnets we’ve seen this year.

We’re hanging about here tomorrow, then dropping down the boat lift onto The Weaver on Tuesday.

Locks 0,  miles 5½

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