Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Into Nantwich

Our Tesco delivery arrived on schedule, and we got away a little before midday. Not far to go, just into Nantwich.

Bright sunshine but a wind from the north made it feel chillyIMG_3880

We pulled in just short of Nantwich Junction Bridge, the point where the Birmingham and Liverpool Junction Canal made it’s connection with the older Chester Canal in 1835.

Looking north down the Chester Canal from Nantwich Junction BridgeIMG_3881  
That’s us, on the right. The original terminus of the Chester Canal is down on the left, now used by the Nantwich Canal Centre.

This morning we got going at around 10, stopping at Nantwich Canal Centre’s wharf for diesel and three bags of solid fuel. Although it’s supposed to get warmer towards the weekend, we’re still on the wrong side of Easter…

Through the junction bridge
The old terminus of the Chester Canal is down on the right, now home to the workshops and dry dock of the canal centre. The fuel and pump-out facilities are now on the main line, 200 yards up from the bridge.

With the tank topped up we continued on along Nantwich Embankment, over the aqueduct crossing the A534.

Someone’s been busy with a paintbrush…

We winded just beyond Marsh Lane Bridge, then returned the way we’d come, only stopping short of the aqueduct this time.
We’ll stay here tomorrow, then set off north again on Friday.

Hi Chris and Steve (NB Amyjo). Sorry we missed you, next time, eh. Enjoy the Llangollen.

Thanks Sue. I’ll have a look at that antenna from Maplins, I seem to be making a collection at the moment…

Locks 0, miles 3

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