Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Paintwork tidying

After debating whether to stay put at Crow’s Nest Bridge and do some paintwork, or move on up the canal a bit, I decided that we could do both. So we pulled pins on a fine but chilly morning.

Looking out over Tattenhall Marina from the towpath bridgeIMG_4002

Someone’s off on their holidays…

Moorings outside the Shady Oak at Bridge 109IMG_4011

We only had one lock to deal with today, Wharton’s, and we were joined by another boat that was leaving the moorings near the Shady Oak as we passed.

Wharton’s Lock

We pulled in above the lock and had lunch, after which I got stuck in with the sander, rubbing out the scrapes and scratches inflicted on the gunnel through the last six month’s cruising.

With the weather being so fine I managed to get two coats of red primer on the bare bits by evening, too!

“Dad, you’ve missed a bit!”

As soon as the dew had burned off this morning I got the first of two coats of matt black on finishing it off late afternoon.IMG_4019

That’s one side done then. The towpath changes sides at Calverley, so I’ll be able to get at the opposite gunnel in the next couple of days.

Locks 1, miles 2¾


Chas and Ann said...

Looking smart again.

Elaine M said...

Nice to see you on moving along in your travels. If you remember us, then you'll know that when the winter fades, we come to life. We're leaving and going up to the Anderton Boat Lift in Chester. I don't know if we'll run into you but have a nice summer and be sure and wave if you see us.
Elaine & Russ (and Molly who is a little older now)