Friday, April 07, 2017

Barbridge Bound

Now we know that anything bought from a canal-side chandlery demands a pretty impressive mark-up, and those items that have “marine” or “boat” in the name even more so. So with that in mind I went on ‘t’old interweb and found a motor factor up in Nantwich that could provide engine oil and filters at a far more reasonable outlay. Nearly 2 miles away, but no problem for me and the recently serviced John Sage. And it wasn’t, at least until I was nearly there and developed a decidedly bumpy ride under the bum. Yes. I’d got a puncture. And no, I didn’t have a spare tube or even a pump!
I walked the bike to the motor factor, picked up two oil filters and 10 litres of oil for half the price that the Canal Centre would have charged, then set off back. I’d passed a tyre centre on the same estate and they kindly put some wind in the tyre for me, then I pedalled as fast as my little legs would carry me back home.

I got halfway before the tyre was flat again.thCSDEDPGA   

The back tyre is looking a bit care worn as well, so after I’d patched the tube and put the wheel back in again I got a replacement ordered. It comes with a new tube too. The tyre stayed up overnight so we took another trip this morning, this time to Morrison’s for bread and milk.

The morning was chilly, overcast and with a cool breeze, but it’s steadily improved through the day and there’s bright sunshine now.

On the Nantwich embankment

Mags kept me company as we headed north…

…and it was she who spotted these little guys - IMG_3895
Our first ducklings this year!


Hurleston Junction, with the reservoir embankment rising to the right.IMG_3899

There’s a group of very nice houses clustered near Vicker’s Bridge…IMG_3902

…with fairies at the bottom of the garden!

Into Barbridge

The Middlewich Branch heads off east under the bridge at Barbridge JunctionIMG_3908

We pulled in just past the junction, and Mags got hold of the camera…IMG_3910



After wrestling with Meg I had a cuddle with Mags…IMG_3916
Big aaahh…

I think we’ll be tackling the first of the Chester Canal broad locks tomorrow. We’ve been up here before, but not for a long time.

Locks 0, miles 3½


Sue said...

Fabulous pictures Geoff and wonderful to see Mags so happy. Oh once again you have the first ducklings!

If it isn't ducklings you seem to have the first lambs!

Had to giggle at the bike and the little pics you put up.. But you must have felt some form of satisfaction at obtaining the oil and stuff even though it kept your fitness levels up!!

Great blog this evening

Ade said...

Ahhh lovely photo of you both, the rest are pretty good to.

Carol said...

Both looking good! Cuddles to you from me to you too!