Friday, December 04, 2015

One down, turn around, 3 up, turn around…

…And reverse 250 yards.
No, not a large version of snakes and ladders, our movements for today. We were planning to move yesterday but it didn’t stop raining all day, and the the forecast was better for today.

So at just after nine we were heading down to Holme Bridge Lock. We had to go down to turn around and come back up again, before carrying on up Eshton Road and Higherland Locks, back to the main Gargrave moorings.

Mags approaches for the first of our two visits to Holme Bridge LockIMG_8060

The winding hole was only 2 minutes away so I left a gate open as we came out, ready for us to go back up.

Just beyond Ray Bridge there was a bit of a hold-up as I waited for the workboats to be moved out of the way.IMG_8061
I thought they were taking this gear up to Barrowford, but they’re repairing the bank here with that fabric-on-stakes technique that leaves a softer edge.

It’s all go up here. Remember that void alongside Eshton Road Lock that drains into a neighbouring property’s garden? Well, they’re investigating…
Although the temporary solution is to prevent one of the bottom gate paddles from fully closing, thus ensuring that the lock drains down unless it’s in use. It’ll slow down lock operation a little, but not too much.

Up Higherland Lock and we made full use of the sanitary station, with two bags of rubbish, two full loo cassettes and an empty water tank to deal with. Then it was another turn around in the adjacent winding hole before reversing up the cut to moor alongside the school playing field. It’s open to the south here, so if we get any sun the solar panels can take advantage of it.

While waiting for the tank to fill I had a chance to look at the paintwork damage caused when the solar panel flipped over in the wind the other day.It’s not too bad, and luckily not through the etch primer so it won’t rust before I get a chance to touch it in.

And this is the solution to prevent it happening again!IMG_8064   

It’s been the driest day we’ve had for a week, although there’s been a brisk wind. So I was able to tackle another little job outside.

For a while now we’ve had an annoying drip into the rear of the boat, above the engine covers. Rain water was tracking down under the brass slide-rails for the hatch and appearing below the hatch frame.

It being dry this afternoon I took the opportunity of moving the hatch well back out of the way, removing the brass strips and cleaning under them before applying a double bead of frame sealant to bed them on.IMG_8069

That should stop water from coming under them; and strategically placed saw–cuts across the strips just clear of the hatch should divert any rainwater from the top.IMG_8073
Now I’ll have to see if these measures have worked. I doubt I’ll have to wait long…

Locks 4, miles 1½  

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Jaqueline Biggs said...

Happy Holidays! Just catching up with boater's blogs once again. Please let us know the outcome of your experiment with the rails as we have the very same problem and we've tried all sorts of things to no avail. Les says he must be honest, he never considered the water was coming in under the brass rails. so we are keen to know if your fix is working.

I am really enjoying the pictures you've posted lately. It isn't everyone who can make rain drenched cottages and sodden villages look picturesque!
Jaq and Les xxx