Wednesday, December 23, 2015


So, here we are, in the middle of Leeds. It’s always a bit of a long day, Leeds to Rodley or vice-versa, but there’s no real option. The moorings at Kirkstall are OK, but the grafitti-smeared sign and the tall buildings either side don’t commend them.

On Monday evening, after mooring near Calverley Bridge, I unlimbered the sack-barrow and made three trips back to another stack of logs on the towpath that I couldn’t get near enough with the boat. That’s the roof full, now. I decided not to saw it up, burning wood in Leeds City Centre is probably not a good idea, and it’s more compact in log form.

Yesterday we moved the mile to Rodley, mooring just before the swing bridge. So just one bridge to negotiate, which was perhaps as well in the gusty wind.

This morning Meg and I took a walk back along the canal then down to the river, crossing on the stone packhorse bridge.

The river’s a bit full, not looking promising for later… IMG_8212

We were off this morning at 09:15, needing to be at the top of Newlay Locks to meet our C&RT “elf” at 10:30. Just 3 more swing bridges, the first just 100 yards away…

Rodley Swing Bridge

...the last at Ross Mill.

Ross Mill Swing Bridge

We arrived at the top of Newlay Three-Rise at a quarter past ten, time for a walk around with Meg. I’d have started setting up but the paddle gear is all padlocked.

Waiting for the lockie.

It was Barry again, the chap who brought us down Bingley the other day. He was a little late as he’d been down into Leeds to sort out an over-plentiful supply of water at Granary Wharf. They were worried about flooding into the new Hilton Hotel!

Out of the bottom of Newlay and yes, there is plenty of water about!IMG_8225

Forge three are just a quarter mile further down.

The two triple staircases are out of the way and the next was a single, opposite Kirkstall Abbey
The abbey was another victim of Henry VIII’s desperate grab for cash during the Dissolution.

Kirkstall Lock

This was where we lost Barry, who set off to walk back up. From here we were on our own.

Spring Garden Lock was followed in short order by Oddys, a two-rise staircase, and by this time the Leeds fringes were becoming apparent.

Suburbia in the Aire valley at Spring Garden

Castleton Mill below Oddys two.

New footbridge over the river at Holbeck

Last lock of the day, Office Lock

We would have dropped down River Lock and made for Clarence Dock but the river is up as expected, and running rapidly. So we pulled into Granary Wharf instead. We’ll move downstream when conditions improve. Could be in the New Year, then!

Moored at Granary Wharf

Unless anything extraordinary happens, this will be my last post before the big event. So here’s wishing all our friends a very Happy Christmas!!
Locks 12, miles 6¼


KevinTOO said...

Seasons Greetings to you both 🎅

Get some wood burning & keep warm

Carol said...

Love to you both xx

Geoff and Mags said...

Thanks Carol, same to you. You should have had a card....
Hi KevinToo. Hope you're all set, the very best to you and your Mum.

Ade said...

Merry Christmas to you and Mags, thanks for sharing another year of adventures on the cut all the best for the New Year.

Alf said...

Hope you are staying safe, not good in Leeds at the moment !

Boatwif said...

How are you doing? Lots on the news about Leeds and floods. Take care and stay safe - you are in our thoughts.
Sue and Ken nb Cleddau