Monday, December 14, 2015

Back in Skipton

No more shuffling back and forth. We’ve done what we needed to do around Gargrave, now we’re on the run back to Leeds. Although we did wait out the appalling weather on Tuesday. We were moored below Eshton Road Lock and the canal rose over a foot, nearly flooding the towpath before overflowing into a neighbouring field. Then it all froze over overnight.

Frozen Floods

The A65 must have been all but impassable at one point, even the following morning care was required.

We split the trip to Skipton into two, stopping just beyond Thorlby Swing Bridge last night.
We managed to get secure before the rain came in, but it had cleared again by the time we got off this morning.

Looking back at Thorlby Bridge, Sharp Haw in the background.

Some more of that fabric edging, completed by back-filling.

A pity they’d left the off-cuts from the securing stakes inaccessibly on the offside…

We’d felt a little water movement before we set off, coming around the corner we discovered the reason why…
We had to wait a few minutes while he sorted himself out.

Our first swing bridge today was Niffany, due to be replaced in the New Year. Before the bridge there’s a row of linear moorings, and this boat’s name made me chuckle.

There was some boat traffic around the bridge, and it was opened for us by one of the C&RT guys. The traffic was to do with unloading and carting off the dredged silt from further up the cut.

The old chimney of Broughton Road Cotton Shed indicates the entry into Skipton, although the built-up area has moved further out since the mill was built in 1902.

Back-to-back terraces would have been for the employees of the five weaving firms occupying the site.

Two final swing bridges, at the park and the old brewery, took us to the mooring we’ve used before, near to another mill chimney, this one belonging to Victoria Mill.

We’ll stay here for a couple of days, topping up the cupboards from the nearby Morrison’s, then head out, picking up diesel and using the services as we go.

The maintenance work at Bingley Locks is on schedule to finish on Friday, and we’ve booked to drop down them on Saturday.
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Locks 1, miles 4½

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