Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Bored, bored, bored!!

We’re still here on the outskirts of Gargrave. The weather has been appalling, but that’s the same as across the whole of the country, so we’re all in the same boat!

Here’s a selection of weather-related photos…

That’s us, just above Eshton Beck aqueductIMG_8037

Eshton Beck in spate

And the canal was a bit full, too!IMG_8047





One particularly powerful gust lifted the solar panel on the roof box, swinging it over on it’s frame to leave it hanging over the cabin side. Luckily no damage was done to the panel, but there‘s a small but deep scar on the paintwork. It’s now secured by bungy straps on either side…

This morning dawned bright and sunny, so, after several days of short walks in the bad weather, Meg and I set off for a tramp across the fields.

On the “wrong” side of the canal.

It’s sunny, but the clouds are building…

Grey over Sharp HawIMG_8053

Eshton Hall, nestled in woodland

We got a little “off piste” but worked our way back to the road and finished up back at Higherland Lock. If the weather’s anything like decent we’ll head back up the locks to the services and the moorings above there tomorrow.

Equipment being moved up for work to begin on Barrowford Locks early in the New Year.IMG_8055

We were discussing having a trip to Skipton and back, but the wind on the exposed stretches of canal was making life extremely difficult. There’re several swing bridges to negotiate, a lot of them with no protection from the wind on the landings.

We’re still needing to stay local, I’m waiting now for my physiotherapy appointment. The medication I’m on has reduced my “lump” considerably, and my heel and ankle feel much easier.
I’ve started a course of strength and flexibility exercises of my own, so the physio session will only be to confirm what I’m doing anyway. Then we can head off. We’re going back to Leeds rather than heading on to Wigan. Once the repairs at Bingley 3-Rise are completed (18th December all being well) we’ll be able to get to Leeds, then head for the Trent which will take us back to the Midlands.

We’ll just be dependant on reasonably dry weather to see us past the Aire and the Trent. Fingers crossed… 

Locks 0, miles 0

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Chas and Ann said...

It is the wind that is hard to cope with. Sorry to read that your paintwork got damaged but lucky not to loose the panel!