Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Murky but mild

We left Skipton this morning under gloomy skies, with spells of drizzly rain blown over on the brisk breeze. By the time we’d filled with diesel at Penine Cruisers, and filled with water at the services, it was getting on for half-eleven.

Victoria Mill chimney alongside our mooring…

…and the mill itself, now converted to apartments.

We’ve seen two or three private boats moving since we arrived, but the bulk of the traffic has consisted of maintenance boats.

These two floating sheds had passed us yesterday, and have taken up residence on the service wharf.

There’s still room for one boat though.

A very nice Dutch barge near Snaygill.

Since Graham and Jill bought MV Francoise I’ve been taking more than a passing interest in these characterful boats...

We had a handful of swing bridges to deal with as we left Skipton behind, and by now the intermittent light drizzle had become continuous. Unfortunately they are difficult to do solo, so I had to drag Mags up onto the tiller at each one.

There’s still a lot of water in the fields down the Aire valley

Approaching Lower Bradley

We were tempted to stop here, but decided to push on past Farnhill and Kildwick, mooring soon after Warehouse Swing Bridge.

A fine house with defensive turrets sits on a hill near Farnhill.
The mound looks a little artificial to me, and as it has a dominating view to the south-west across the valley I wonder if it may be the site of an ancient fortification. The satellite view shows an irregular octagonal foundation just to the east as well. Aha, more info here…

Milking Hill Swing Bridge.

We pulled in at around half past one. It’s not a bad spot here, with a piled edge and a swathe of grass alongside. The towpath is a bit grotty but that goes with the weather.

We’ll move on to Riddlesden tomorrow.

Locks 0, miles 5

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