Monday, June 01, 2015

We have oil pressure, we have amps, we still have wind...

I've been busy these last couple of days. Thanks to George bringing up a heap of packages in his motorhome I've had a few tasks to catch up on.
I started fitted the new 100 watt solar panel yesterday afternoon, finishing this morning.
I'm pleased with the result, the box contains spare fenders and the panel is hinged from both sides for access. With the added bonus that it can be angled to catch the sun more efficiently. I will be fitting a proper stay on each side...

Ooh, amps!

In one of the rare sunny spells today we got nearly 12!

I had to fit another MPPT controller though. The one I initially fitted was only rated at 10 amps, the new one is good for 30. A bit of future proofing which I should have thought of before. Anyone want a cheap 10 amp solar controller?

The other job was to replace the oil pressure gauge sender unit. There's a warning light fitted, but the gauge was going to full scale as soon as the engine fired up. A replacement unit, courtesy of good old ebay, has sorted that.

Look at that, 8643 hours and still going strong. That's Isuzu for you.

One task I didn't plan on doing though was laying and lighting the stove!  I can take a hint,
But it is cold in that wind, which doesn't seem to want to leave us. Tomorrow is supposed to be particularly bad.

Luckily it's not far from here to Boston, where we'll be rejoining the rest of the gang in the morning.

Hey up Steve and Angela. We would have gone, but Mags forgot the seasickness pills!
Hi Carol, yes it'll be good to share some of my little jaunts again...
Hello Naughty-Cal. Good to see you, even if it was brief as you say. Have a good trip.

Locks 0, miles 0.

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Anonymous said...

Your patience is impressive, and will be rewarded ....