Tuesday, June 02, 2015

We have a date...

All being well we'll be making the crossing from Boston to Wisbech on Thursday morning. Not bad, only 3 days later than originally planned. And our flotilla seems to have grown, too. We'll be joined by Dave and Jo and grand-daughter Sarah on NB Panacea.

We stayed at Anton's Gowt last night, George and Margaret were staying with the motorhome on the site behind the pub, so they came for dinner. Then this morning they decided to join us on the short trip down Boston, do some shopping then head back by taxi.

On the long straight to Boston

Although George has visited us aboard on several occasions, he's never cruised. Today that was rectified...

He quite enjoyed it, I think.

We went past the visitor moorings, down to the lock and the elsan for the emptying of the loo tanks. An urgent requirement...

Unmistakably Boston, St. Bartolph's, AKA Boston Stump, towers over the town.

Just under the railway bridge, Boston Grand Sluice is on the left. This is the tidal lock that'll let us out onto the 6 mile long Haven, the estuary which leads to the Wash.

Job done we turned around, returning the quarter mile upriver and mooring alongside NB Yarwood.

The gang's all together again.

Although the day started grey damp and gloomy, it brightened up, the sun came out and it was quite warm, at least out of the wind. 

Sunny and warm enough in fact for Mags to enjoy it!

Dave off What a Lark has wheels here at the moment, and he gave us all a lift up to Asda for some much-needed groceries, before diverting back to Anton's Gowt to drop George and Margaret off. It was good to see them again, we should meet up again later in the year.

Later this afternoon we toddled up to the lock-keeper's office to receive a briefing about the crossing. The lockie was informative, giving us details of how we will be able to get all five boats out quickly when the falling tide makes a level with the river. The lock is only 55 feet long, and our shortest boat (us) is 3 feet longer, so both ends of the lock have to be open at the same time. 
Details of marker buoys, wildlife to look out for (mainly grey seals) and commercial traffic we may encounter (not a lot) on the 19 mile Wash crossing were also imparted. 

We're all looking forward to it now...

Locks 0, miles 2½


Ade said...

Hi Geoff & Maggs,

Looking forward to it here also. Best wishes for a safe and very enjoyable voyage.


Carol said...

Have a good crossing - I bet there are a few stomachs with butterflies in them at the moment! Good luck xx

Sue said...

Have a great time all of you.. If you think you see footballs in the wash you will be wrong it is seals!

All you see at first is just a round blob! You are all going to have such a great time the weather is going to be perfect!!

I'll be thinking of you all day now!