Monday, June 08, 2015

Parting of the ways.

Today we left the rest of the Wash convoy at Peterborough and headed onto the Middle Levels. It’s been just over a month since we first gathered in Nottingham, and there’s been a bit of water covered since then! Those who’d not met before have become firm friends, those who had have strengthened the bonds they already had. We’re already discussing a reunion next year!
We will meet up with Derek and Sheila (NB Clarence) at some point on the Great Ouse, but Yarwood and WaL are heading south to the Thames.

Just a reminder, another great picture taken from the deck of Dutch barge Viator, by Anne.

String of pearls. What a Lark in the lead, followed by Yarwood, Seyella, Clarence and Panacea as we head for the Nene channelIMG_5331

We’ve had a couple of days of relaxation on the Peterborough moorings, but it was time to move on today.

Joe and Sheila waved us off this morning.IMG_5379
The Walies are away, as is Lesley. Derek was otherwise engaged…

A left turn under the railway bridge brings you onto the short section of river to Stanground Lock…


…where Tina the lockie was bringing up another boat before locking us down.IMG_5384

Tina kindly relieved of some of the folding stuff for the special windlass and key needed for the Middle Levels, then ushered us in and dropped us down.

Out of the lock and we’re on the Middle Levels, the responsibility of the Middle Level Commissioners rather the the Environment Agency. This time we’re just going to follow the Link Route via Whittlesey, March and Upwell. It’s the easiest route to the Great Ouse and bypasses several other navigable drains. They’ll keep for the next time.

Fenland scenery. Flat land, big skies.IMG_5389

Grey skies!

We had sunny spells today but that wind is still cool. Jumper off, jumper on as the sun appeared and disappeared.

We’d decided to do just a short trip today, stopping at Whittlesey. But at the edge of the village there’s a narrow channel…IMG_5391

…followed by the tight, right-angled Briggate Bend.IMG_5393 No, I didn’t make it one, but in my defence I was trying to take photos at the same time…

A little further on and we were tying up on the visitor mooring alongside the playing fields.IMG_5395
We’ll stay here tonight, then push on to March tomorrow. I’m hoping to be able to get the Imray Guides to these waters and those of the Great Ouse at Fox Narrowboats.
Lonesome tonight…

Lisa, I didn’t forget the ladder, you did! I’m thinking of doing the trip in reverse just to see if I can find yours! Salvage!

Sue, yes it was cold for us too heading up to Wisbech. Tired, and it was getting late. I think we could easily have left Wisbech later, at least on the slack if not on the start of the flood. It would have made the trip to D-i-a-D so much easier.

Hi Simon. We set off early after advice from the Lockie at D-i-a-D and Daryl the Pilot. The last of the ebb was still running making escaping from the pontoons at Wisbech a struggle. Headroom under the bridges would not have been a problem later. My advice, use the flood! I’ve not checked my filters yet…

Chas, Ann. Yes we had a great day! Contrary to expectations Mags DID enjoy it! Meg wasn’t impressed though…

Locks 1, miles 5¼

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Naughty-Cal said...

How long are you spending on the Great Ouse?

We are heading that way at the beginning of July.

Our paths may cross once more.