Wednesday, June 03, 2015

A walk around (and above) Boston, gathering of the crews and Valerie’s maiden voyage.

Last night we had an impressive sunset, and the old adage was correct, we had a fine day today. I bet the shepherds were pleased…

Our trip up into Boston had a primary objective; to climb up the Boston Stump and have a look at the view. Frankly, with that and a bit of shopping, it’s all we had time for.

After having been duly assessed for fitness for the climb by a church warden we were allowed up into the tower.

I wonder how many people have used this key to the tower?IMG_5133

The vista from the tower didn’t disappoint…

Nearly 180º panorama looking generally eastPanorama

The Haven, the tidal River Witham heading down from Boston Grand Sluice to the Wash.IMG_5143
The tide’s on the way out.

Looking upstream on the river

The Grand Sluice…IMG_5158

…and our boats.IMG_5149

The Council Offices occupy this fine building.IMG_5142

Somewhere over there to the WNW is Lincoln CathedralIMG_5159

David on the way down

The interior of the church is impressive.


St. Botolph’s was begun in 1309, but not completed in it’s present form till 200 years later. The tower is 272 feet 6 inches high, but the viewing level is only two thirds of the way up, reached by a 209 step spiral staircase.

We got back to the boats mid-afternoon, time to take the dogs for a walk around the local country park after their confinement, then I had to make a last grocery run to Asda before the cruising guests arrived. Yarwood and What a Lark both have two more crewmembers, I’m not sure about Clarence but sadly our intended extra hand couldn’t make the revised date.

I think that’s everyone…IMG_5175

Thanks everyone for the good wishes for the trip, it’s looking good now. Light winds and a sunny day. Couldn’t be better.

Oh, and Valerie’s maiden trip. Mags has christened her new wheelchair Valerie after a good friend who also has offered invaluable support in the past. It (she!) had her first outing today and behaved admirably. The pusher needs a bit more practice though!
No pics, sorry.

Early night tonight, I reckon.

Locks 0, miles 0


KevinTOO said...

I hope you all enjoy your crossing and that the wind and water are in your favour. Don't forget the photos for us landlubbers please:)

Ade said...

Some lovely photo's there Geoff, I visited as a child probably 40 years ago much as I remember it we climbed the stump then to.
Looking forward to tomorrow's update.
Best wishes


Naughty-Cal said...

Good luck for today. You certainly have the right weather for it.

Dogsontour by Greygal said...

My face looks a lot redder now! Great day, Geoff, many thanks for all your hard work