Thursday, June 25, 2015

To Hundred Acres

Not the wood, we don’t expect to meet Pooh Bear here, we’re at the 100 Acres EA mooring near Pope’s Corner.

It’s been an uneventful trip today, warm and muggy with light cloud cover rather than the clear blue skies of yesterday, but still dry.IMG_5867

Dobbin walked down to see us off, but not soon enough for the promised apple!IMG_5865
Next time, mate.

Soon after Aldreth Bridge we had to deal with the shallow winding section where a ran aground twice on the way up. Pleased to say no such trouble today.IMG_5872

There are quite a few Little Egrets along here, and I tried unsuccessfully to get a picture last week. They just don’t stay still long enough!



Bullying, swan style

After Twenty Pence Bridge we’re back on the straighter, deeper, more artificial section of the Old West. Unfortunately the flood banks are higher, too.

One that didn’t make it into the marina…IMG_5888

Bosky bit, unusual for this river, near the Lazy Otter.IMG_5892

Back to wide open spaces alongside the small marina. Good GOBA moorings here.IMG_5893

We pulled in at Stretham Old Engine to have a look, but it’s staffed by volunteers and therefore only open on Sundays and Bank Holidays. There’s not much to see if the doors are locked…

Even Meg was bored!IMG_5897

You’ll need to click-to-zoom to read thisIMG_5898
Quick summary – The Fens are flooded marshland, drains cut and wind pumps installed to shift the water into the drains. Drying out land shrinks and drops below sea level and floods again. Flood banks built, better pump engines installed, bob’s your uncle.

Meg had a comfort break and a bite to eat, as did the human members of the crew, then we moved on, just over a mile, to where we are now.

You wouldn’t have thought that this guy…IMG_5906

…will grow up to look like this.IMG_5903

Aaah, cute coots!
“♫ There once was an ugly cootlet… ♫”

Locks 0, miles 7½


Ray M said...

Always saddens me to see to see 'the one that didn't make it' when I go past that way.
She was someone's pride and joy once. Shows what happens when you let that winter maintenance program lapse!

Geoff and Mags said...

Hi Ray
I, too, am a bit upset when I see boats in this condition. It's often we spot craft that could have been saved just sitting on the bottom, inside and engine bay flooded. As you say, once someone's pride and joy...