Friday, June 28, 2013

It’s all about the timing…

We waited for the rain to stop today before shifting. We would have moved sooner though if the weather had been better; our overnight mooring between bridges 198 and 199 has a sloping concrete edge and we were on a bend, every boat that went past caused a scrape and a bang that rattled the cupboards.
So as soon as the rain eased we set off, first into Uplands Marina for the new starter battery and diesel, then onto the water point where we caught up with Ann and Chas, before setting off towards Middlewich.

Marbury WoodSAM_5846
We spent our first night aboard on that bit of bank on the left…8th August 2006. Nearly 7 years ago. Doesn’t time fly!


The canal winds east and south around Northwich passing the salt village of Marston where the Lion Salt Works is being renovated as a living museum after years of lying derelict

Lion Salt WorksSAM_5851

We stopped at the footbridge near the football ground. We wanted to visit the well-stocked DIY shop on Denton Drive, and this is the closest approach from the canal, via a footpath.

By the time Ann and I had returned after an only partially successful trip it had started to rain again so we decided to stay put instead of pressing on for a bit. Tomorrow is forecast to be better….. hopefully.

Thanks to Lesley, Adam, Carol and Gary and Della (boat’s looking great!) for  the responses to my request for recommendations for a signwriter for Seyella’s name panel. I’ll be getting in touch with them after the weekend, for quotes and availability.

Locks 0, miles 2½

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Sue said...

I meant to say the other day that our signwriter is Trevo.. Umm cant think of his other name but you can contact him at Norbury Wharf Boatyard.

You might remember his place in the Grubb St Cutting?