Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Taking advantage of the fine weather

There’s a lot of folk been out boating these last few days of warm, sunny weather. We have too, but not far. On Monday we moved from the spot we’d occupied for several days near the Anderton Lift. Just over a mile though, that’s all, to move to the Town Wharf in Northwich. Mags had an eye test on Tuesday, and Specsavers is only a few minutes from there.

Anonymous Seyella and Moore2Life in Northwich on Tuesday morningSAM_5760

Town Swing Bridge from the hatch SAM_5756

Another ahhhh moment…

After shopping and the eye check (we’re coming back on Thursday for Mags’ new glasses and a test for me), we set off upstream to Vale Royal.

Northwich. Black and white bridges, black and white housesSAM_5774

Hunts Lock….

….and lock-keepersSAM_5780

Here’s a question for you… Who is responsible for looking out for anglers lines? The angler, or the guy facing backwards in a single scull?SAM_5783
This guy had a bit of an altercation with a fisherman using a long roach pole.
Coming up to overtake us (on the wrong side, incidentally) he picked up the anglers line on his right hand oar. I could hear them shouting at each other from 100 yards away over the engine!
He had to pull into the bank to sort it out, then sensibly stayed in the middle of the channel as he passed us.

MV Proceed, probably sat on the bottom nowSAM_5782

Just two locks today, the second being Vale Royal, not far below the moorings

Fine stone-built railway viaduct below the lockSAM_5785

Vale Royal LockSAM_5787
Chas isn’t going the wrong way; the small lock is just around the bull-nose. The large lock is rarely used these days. All the Weaver locks are paired, a large chamber suitable for the small freighters that used to trade up here, and a smaller, older chamber, more often used today.

Vale Royal moorings are on the towpath side about 500 yards further upstream, that’s where we pulled in.

I spent yesterday afternoon and evening preparing the roof for painting today. The forecast promised dry and warm weather, and we weren’t disappointed. I was up at 05:30 (yes, 05:30!) to get stuck in and get the paint on before it got too warm. After a long day the roof is done, well, 80% done, and the inside of the handrails are a fetching bright red. This is the only red on the new scheme. I couldn’t paint the front roof panel, the top box and other equipment normally on the roof is up there, and will stay there till the paint has had a chance to harden. Then everything can return to it’s normal position and the remaining panel finished.
Steerers eye view of the refinished roof

You can’t see them clearly from here, but each roof vent marks a separate panel, outlined in grey.
The Interdeck Sand Beige is not as dark as it appears on the colour chart, I was expecting it to be a bit browner. But it went on well with a small gloss roller.

Looking at the weather for the next few days I don’t expect to be putting any more gloss on for a bit. Next on the agenda will be the top and outside of the handrails for three coats of red, and using the orbital sander to level off the rest of the cabin sides. The whole lot will get one or two coats of grey/blue PreKote (undercoat) then we’ll be about ready for the paint shed at Stone.

Locks 2, miles 4


Nb Yarwood said...

Hi Geoff
I look forward to seeing the finished result ...much as you do I suspect. Who is going to do the 'signing'.

Carol Palin said...

looking good Geoff! xx

Carol Palin said...

looking good Geoff! xx