Saturday, June 15, 2013

Rain stops play…

This wild and wet weather we’ve been having a put a serious crimp in my painting plans.
We’re down on the Weaver, having dropped down in the boat lift last Wednesday.
I have been hard at work sanding, derusting and priming, it’s just the gloss finish coats I can’t risk applying. One minute there’s sunshine, the next the black clouds have rolled in and dumped a load of water on us.

We’re anonymous now!SAM_5752

I really will have to find the aluminium number plates supplied by BW when we registered the boat. They’re in the bottom of a drawer somewhere…. I’ve sanded off the painted reg. number, as well as the name.

It’s handy being here, if I want to get at the other side I just untie the upstream end and let the wind and current (handily both going in the same direction) turn the boat around. I just have to time it to avoid “Donald Campbell” skippering the trip boat Bluebird Edwin Clark. He doesn't hang about!

Just checked the forecast, there’s an outside chance I may get the top coat of grey gloss on the roof bands and borders tomorrow. Fingers crossed.
Fingers crossed

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Carol Palin said...

Good to hear from you Geoff via the blog - things are coming along with the update of Seyella’s paintwork. The forecast for the next 6/7 days is good so hopefully you’ll be able to get plenty done! Love to Margaret and yourself. xx