Friday, July 05, 2013

I thought I’d better write a blog post…

….After all, it’s been over a week!
Well, we’re into July now and it looks like we might even be seeing a bit of summer over the next few days. About time, eh.

We’ve steadily worked our way south along the Trent and Mersey, spending a few days in and around Middlewich.

On one of our walks we came across these reprobates….DSC_0121
I wonder what they’d done? 

Pass the machete

Chas on Moore2Life dodging a floating reed island near Bridge 192SAM_5853

M2L looks out of place heading through the Brunner Mond works on the outskirts of NorthwichSAM_5860

We pulled in just north of Middlewich near Croxton Aqueduct and spent a few days there, before moving into the town for two nights to top up the food cupboards from Tesco.

While near the aqueduct I removed and refitted the cratch board, it’s now 1½ inches further forward, shaped to sit on top of the deck cant rather than behind it as originally fitted.

New positionSAM_5890

It’ll look a lot better when it’s painted….

The rear edge of the cratch cover had to be re-attached too. It was originally anchored with turn-buckles pop-riveted to the cabin sides. I decided to use bungee fixings instead, with the hooks secured with 4mm screws drilled and tapped into the steel. The old holes have been filled and painted over.

We spent last night on the moorings above Kings Lock, alongside the busy Booth Lane. The reason? Fish and chips from the excellent chippie near the lock!

Coming up through the Middlewich three we finished up at the wrong end of a long queue waiting for the bottom lock.

Queue at Lock 74SAM_5898
It wasn’t as bad as it at first appeared; one of the boats belonged to Andersen Boats, and was charging batteries at their wharf. That made us only fourth!

Looking back from the bottom lock, that’s the hire base on the left.SAM_5900
We hired a boat from here maybe 20 years ago to do the Four Counties Ring with friends Val and John. The company seems to be particularly popular with groups from Scandinavia. It must be the spelling…

Last lock out of MiddlewichSAM_5903

Today we decided to head for Wheelock. You can only stand the traffic at Kings for one night!
Once again we timed it badly, finishing up behind a couple of boats at Rumps Lock. But still, it’s that time of year. It’ll get worse before it gets better.

Leaving Rumps
The Kinderton Arms on the left is for sale or lease once again. It’s a shame, it’s a fine building.

Salt production has gone on in the Middlewich area since pre-Roman times, and is still very much in evidence today.

British Salt at CledfordSAM_5906

Booth Lane Locks

We intended to moor just beyond the water point in Wheelock, but there was no room so after watering we reversed through the bridge and moored alongside the pet food warehouse. TV was checked while tea was brewing, no chance so we decided to push up the Wheelock locks after refreshment.

We finally finished up between locks 65 and 64. We’ll probably stay here for the weekend, now. Dry settled weather will give me a chance to do a bit more painting, so long as I can get it done in the cool of the early morning.

So, since the last entry, Locks 10, miles 14¼

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