Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Meg gets a make-over

Poor old Meg has been suffering with the heat over the last few days. She’s been listless, unwilling to walk far and off her food a bit. It can’t be easy, carrying a hearthrug around…

In Wheelock there’s a dog groomer, the aptly named Hair of the Dog, and Lynne was prepared to shuffle things about for us to get Meg in for clipping. She’s not had this done before, and I wasn’t sure how she’d behave, but it appears she’s made a new friend…

Lynn of Hair of the Dog and Meg after her haircutDSC_0121
Sorry about the red-eye, phone camera.
Lynn is on 07958 698159 and the shop is on the main road, next door to the pet food superstore.

She’s so much livelier again, back to her usual bounding about self. Well worth while, and it’ll grow back for when she needs it in the winter. This might be a regular spring appointment…

Overnight on Friday night someone had left a paddle up on the pound directly below us, leaving it empty, so water had to be dropped down to allow boats to move up from Wheelock. It left us sat on the bottom at a bit of an angle….

My coffee and Mag’s hot chocolate
The drawers behind wouldn’t stay shut.

Light switch pull-cord in the bathroom
Yes, it should be parallel to the door frame…

After a hot couple of days it was time to move on, so yesterday afternoon after  collected Meg we followed Ann and Chas up 6 locks to just below Hassel Green
Ann and Chas had walked down to meet us part way. I imagine Molly’s reaction on seeing a shorn Meg was “What the hell happened to you?”

It’s just been too hot for glossing, but there was plenty of rubbing down to do even if it meant breaking out in a sweat just being outside.

You’ve got to be kidding!
The right hand cabin side and rear panel are now flatted back, ready to receive the first coat of gloss, and the front panel and inside of the cockpit are undercoated.

Cheshire countryside this morningSAM_5924

Chell’s Aqueduct

Mags doing her Audrey Hepburn impression….SAM_5928

No Breakfast at Tiffany’s, though. Sorry. Rice Krispies only.

Back in boatwoman mode heading for Lock 54SAM_5929

Old cottages and new housesSAM_5930

We moored at Rode Heath for the night, and as it was a cooler afternoon I got the door and hatch frames and edges cleaned, sanded and undercoated. Another job done. There’s very little of the original paint to be seen now.

Church Lawton tomorrow and a change of towpath sides. I wonder if it’ll be cool enough for me to make a start on flatting the left cabin side undercoat?

Locks 12, miles 3½

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Nev Wells said...

Hi Geoff,

I am impressed you are painting your boat on the move. For the unknowing can you describe 'flatting'