Sunday, July 21, 2013

Still in Stone…

After a few days topside of the town, rubbing down and painting, we needed water and also a change of scene.
I’d managed to get both handrails recoated after turning around and moving to the shade of some tall trees on the towpath side. But it was still 7 o’clock in the evening before I could start. I thought I’d be struggling to do the prep work because of weather, but expected rain, not hot sun!
Today was quite a contrast, I set off for my morning run at 06:00 in fine drizzle. It was rather pleasant for a change, although I wouldn’t want to make a habit of it. All day it’s been cloudy, with just a hint of damp every so often.

We also needed some groceries, so, after breakfast and dog-walking, I cycled into town, not realising that the shops didn’t open till 10:00 on a Sunday. Silly me. Still, it’s all good exercise…

Into Stone
Ooh look, shiny red handrails!

Good timing at Limekiln Lock, an Anglo-Welsh hire boat just leaving the lock ready for usSAM_6038

Dropping down the next lock at Newcastle Road, we had to wait for a while in the queue for the waterpoint, but it gave a chance for the washing machine to finish it’s cycle, sucking the last few dregs out of the water tank.

Filling up at Newcastle RoadSAM_6039
It’s not the best placed service wharf on the system, it’s also the lock landing and there was a regular stream of boats up and down while we were there. Then all the boats disappeared, none to be seen past Joules Brewery and then we had to refill Yard Lock.

Canal Cruising Company…..SAM_6040

….we’ll be in that white shed in a fortnight’s time, putting on the top coats.SAM_6041

Still needing to shop we pulled on the carpark side moorings below Yard Lock, then, cupboards replenished, pushed across to moor on the towpath side opposite the meadows along the river.SAM_6042
Amazingly, for this time of year, there wasn’t another boat on either side here when we arrived, but all the moorings are full now.
We decided to stay here for the night after a pretty disjointed sort of morning (and my legs were complaining after a brisk 8 miler first thing, followed by pedalling to the (closed) shops). I can make another trip to the shops tomorrow, and there’s a couple of bits I need from the chandlers. Isn’t there always?

Locks 3, miles 1

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