Monday, November 26, 2012

Re-mustering of the crew….

It looks like it’ll be a while before the river at Alrewas is back to normal, it rose another 6” on Sunday night.

The Trent is in there somewhere…pano
Looking downstream…DSC_0024

Being as we’ll be here for a few days, I decided to return to Fradley. There’s good parking for the hire car there, and access to all sanitary facilities. Thanks, Ray, for the offer of a lift for me and my poo tanks, but I couldn’t put on you again.

I dropped down Bagnall Lock yesterday, winded and came back up again to moor in the same spot but facing the other way. Then this morning I returned up the three locks to the Fradley moorings.

Olympic themed graffiti under  the bridge near Bagnall Lock, taken yesterdayDSC_0017

Coming up Hunts and Keeper’s Locks this morningDSC_0026

Yesterday was bright and sunny, but turned to rain later. Today has been gloomy, with leaden skies. The rain held off till lunchtime, and we’ve had intermittent showers since.
I toddled off to collect an Enterprise car from Lichfield this afternoon, doing a bit of shopping on the way back. Meg seems to sense something is in the wind, she’s not left my side since I returned. I wonder how she’ll react when she sees Mags tomorrow…

Locks 5, miles 1¾

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So pleased you will be together again. Take care Mags. Jacquie & Stein