Saturday, November 03, 2012

Challenging day….

…. for three reasons.
First, the brisk wind was cold, making ear tips ache and eyes stream, as it was straight in the face as we headed south from Marple. Then the sun was also directly ahead, and low enough now to dazzle. The final and worse one I’ll leave till later…

We did a book swap with Michelle on NB Just Imagine before we left Marple, some good reading material in the several books we received in exchange. Thanks both.

Then it was get under way time.

Leaving Marple, looking back under Bridge 2SAM_4214 Leaving Marple
Oh, I forgot to mention. Does anyone want to take out a lease on a Public Convenience on the recreation ground alongside Oldknow Road?
SAM_4212 Lease Loo
No? Whyever not? Seems a good source of income to me….

It was a bright and sunny morning, showing Goyt Mill off in all it’s Edwardian splendour.

Goyt MillSAM_4216 Goyt Mill
They knew how to build for effect in 1905, didn’t they.

With no swing or lift bridges, nor any locks, I’d planned a long day, 13 miles to beyond Macclesfield. Mags could relax, the only chore being a supply of mugs of tea and cheese and pickle sandwiches for the helm.

So we wound our way south, through High Lane, Poynton, Four Lane Ends and Bollington, battling with the wind and squinting into the sun.

Hopeless trying to get a decent picture looking forward at Poynton…SAM_4221 Poynton
……but rather better looking backSAM_4223 Poynton

Mags took over the tiller for 10 minutes while Meg and I had a comfort break walk just south of Four Lane Ends, then we continued on to Bollington.

Here comes MagsSAM_4227

Sunshine and shadow under Braddocks Bridge as we wait for the lift.SAM_4229

Bollington is book-ended by two large mills. At the north end is Clarence Mill.

Clarence Mill from the aqueductSAM_4235 Clarence Mill and Aqueduct
It almost looks like the chimney is smoking, but it’s not done that for many a year.
Along the aqueduct are attractive and popular moorings, all full up today.

At the other end of the town is Adelphi Mill, opposite Bollington Wharf.

Adelphi MillSAM_4238 Adelphi Mill
There are moorings here, too, but gloomy in the shadow of the mill and not so popular. Good for a shopping stop, though. The High Street is just down the hill.

Leaving Bollington the canal passes Kerridge Dry Dock, and I’d not noticed before the tower on Kerridge Hill beyond the boatyard.

Is it a folly?SAM_4241 Kerridge
There must be fine views across the valley from the top. I walked along the ridge the last time we were here, taking in White Nancy at the northern end but dropping back down into the valley before I got this far.

A steady plod took us to Macclesfield, were I was pleased to see the support work for the retaining wall near Verdons Bridge is complete and the towpath re-opened.

Substantial ButtressesSAM_4248 Repaired Wall

Unusually, the good moorings above Gurnett Aqueduct were almost empty. James Brindley served his apprenticeship with a millwright in a workshop below the canal here.

We pushed on another mile, mooring on the good stretch of piling below Leak New Road Bridge,   No. 45.

A good day’s cruise, about five hours in all, followed by a brilliant sunset as I got back from walking Meg.
SAM_4252 Sunset

It was from this point that things started to go wrong. I was downloading these photos and Mags was at the stove doing dinner when she dropped a spoon. Not an event in itself but her reaction was. She was disorientated and confused as I sat her down, and I quickly ran through the stroke symptoms check, FAST, with her. Then I dialled 999.

By the time the ambulance arrived she had recovered and had no memory of a problem. The Paramedics could find nothing wrong, but even so we bullied her into going to the hospital.
The staff at Macclesfield Hospital were brilliant; she was straight in and wired up for an ECG, blood samples were taken along with a chest X-ray. They could find nothing wrong also and concluded that it was a T.I.A., a stroke-like attack that doesn’t last but may be a precursor to a proper stroke.

She came home with me last night, and I’ve to take her to a clinic in Manchester on Monday for a full battery of tests, but she seems OK at the moment, just a little tired.
So long as she doesn’t have another episode she’s just to rest till Monday, then we’ll see.

Obviously this has put our trip to Wales for the winter on hold. We’ll have to see how things work out.

Locks 0, miles 13


Anonymous said...

Good luck on monday, get them to check for a water infection, to my cost they don't always and earlier this year I had a similar episode, quite frightening but a five day course of antibiotics from my GP the following monday sorted me out
Candy Marsh

Adam said...

Sounds quite worrying -- probably more for you than Mags. Hope everything turns out to be OK.

Sue / Boatwif (Cleddau) said...

Gosh, Geoff, what a frightening end to a lovely day's cruising. Do hope there are no further symptoms.
Best wishes to you both,

Sue /Boatwif (nb Cleddau)

nb Chance said...

Hi Geoff and Mags, we are really sorry to hear about Mags, we hope all will be well with her and the tests work out OK. At least she is now under expert advice. Best Wishes to you both. Doug and James

Kevin said...

Good reaction Geoff! Hope there's someone like you around if/when I have an 'event', it runs in my family :(
Hope Mag goes on OK with her tests, I'll be thinking about you.
Best wishes,

Mo said...

Poor Mags. Give her our love x x

Tom and Jan said...

Oh dear..... a little scary! We hope there is no re-occurrence and Mags remains well for the future.
Best wishes
Tom & Jan

jampot55 said...

sorry to hear about Mags, hope she is feeling ok now - thinking of you both and hope to see you over the winter on the shroppie and/or llangollen.
cheers, Janice and Dai (NB Jandai)

jampot55 said...

sorry to hear about Mags - hope she is feeling better now and you're not too stressed. Hopefully we'll see you over the winter on shroppie and/or llangollen
take care, Janice and Dai (NB Jandai)

Geoff and Mags said...

Thanks all for your good wishes.
After most of the day in bed, she's now up and looking forward to watching Strictly.
At the moment she's answering all the questions on Celebrity Pointless, so no change in the memory department!
Thanks again. Will update when I've something to share.

Mike, Mags, Poppy and Abbey said...

Geoff Mags, you're both in our thoughts... We hope that all is now OK.

If you need someone to have Meg for a few days while you get sorted round. We can come and collect and return her whenever. Ring anytime.


Mick n Mags.

Jill and Graham said...

Geoff, I know what you and Mags are going through, it is frightening, as you can remember Jill had a TIA 15 months ago but has not had an episode since and with Mag's strong constitution then she shouldn't either. Look after her and do not let her do too much, she will want to but she needs rest. Wish we were there to help you as you helped us, all our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Lyraboat said...

Glad to hear that things are looking better.
All the best
Bob & Cath

Jill and Graham said...

Hi Geoff, sorry to hear about Mags and her TIA, but if you remember Jill had one 15 months ago and you were on hand to help us a couple of days later, sorry we're not around but our thoughts and prayers are with you both, good luck tomorrow.

Carol Palin said...

Will be thinking about you both tomorrow (Monday). Give Mags a big hug from us ... xxx

James and Debbie said...

Well done for your quick thinking. I occludeded a vertebral artery just over a year ago, it can be quite shocking how much energy it zaps out of you - plenty of rest, good luck with all the tests.

Derek and Dot said...

Give our best wishes to Mags and we hope all is well with the tests and we can look forward to reading of all your future travels.

Anonymous said...

We've got a few friends who have had TIA's - very scary at the time but both have recovered well with no lasting effects.

I'll keep my fingers crossed that it's the same for Mags.


Sue, nb Indigo Dream

Bruce in Sanity said...

Just to add our best wishes to you both; hopefully Mags will make a full recovery, hope the tests turn out all ok.

All the best

Bruce & Sheila