Saturday, November 10, 2012

Mags making progress

Just a quick post to keep up to date.
Mags is making very good progress, feeling and ability is returning to her left hand and arm, and her face has once again got that infectious grin across it.DSC_0004
She tells me that she’s desperate to come home, but secretly I think she’s quite enjoying herself. The staff and other patients are certainly enjoying her sense of humour!
Talking of other patients, looking around the specialist stroke unit, Mags is very lucky to be as well as she is. Some of the poor souls are really struggling; incoherent, feeding through a tube and immobile.
Mags is chatty, fairly mobile (she insists on getting up to go to the loo), and positive.

I took Meg in to see her on Wednesday, lots of cuddles and waggy tails. Only for 15 minutes, then we had to do the rounds of the other patients in her room as well. I don’t think I’ll take her again, though. We’d just got into a routine but it got all upset when I took her in. She (Meg) has been a bit depressed and listless since, hanging around at the end of the towpath where I’d parked the hire-car.

It’s 2.3 miles from here to the hospital, a 35 minute fast walk (40 by the fourth trip of the day!), which means that Meg is left for nearly four hours in the afternoon. To cut this down I decided to buy a bike. Not without serious consideration; it’s been 38 years since I‘ve ridden, and the route involves crossing the middle of town, once in daylight, once at dusk and twice at night.
But I dropped in to a bike shop on the way in yesterday and got fitted up with a second-hand mountain bike. He had lights to fit and a check up to do so I picked it up on the way home. A little wobbly for a start, but I soon got the hang again. It’s knowing which of the 15 gears you’ve selected which is the real problem! And the spray up the back from the unguarded rear wheel.

Rusty Trusty SteedDSC_0005

Just had coal boat Alton deliver some solid fuel, so we’ll be alright for that for a month, now. Mags is likely to be in for another week or ten days yet. They want to be sure she can fend for herself before she’s discharged. Which is a good sign. Some of her fellow patients will never be in that position…

I’ve spoken to the enforcement officer for this stretch, and am OK to stay here for a bit. While I had a car I emptied the loo cassettes and filled a water bottle at the sani-station at Bosley top, so they’ll last for another few days.

Thanks for all the messages and offers of help, sorry I haven’t time to respond individually, but they are all very much appreciated.


James and Debbie said...

Glad to see some really positive progress :-)

Stroke units are an eye opener aren't they. Within three months of my stroke we had bought a boat, quit our careers and moved aboard, haven't looked back since.

All the best James and Debz

Geoff and Mags said...

Thanks both
Sort of puts things into perspective, doesn't it.

Adam said...

I was wondering only yesterday how things were going, so it's good to have some positive news. Please let Mags know that we're thinking of her.

nb Chance said...

Hi Geoff and Mags.

We are so pleased to hear Mags is making a good recovery, we have been looking out for your update post the last few days, We wish you both all the very best and hope you will both soon be back on board Seyella.
Best Wishes
Doug and James

Bruce in Sanity said...

That's good news Geoff. Give Mags our best when you see her, and here's hoping that she makes a full recovery.

Take care of yourself too!

All the best

Bruce and Sheila

Nb Yarwood said...

And, what a sensible forward looking hospital to allow Megs in to spread at bit of doggie magic for Mags and all the other patients on the ward..great stuff.
thinking of you both
Lesley and Joe

Nb Yarwood said...

Wonderful news!
And, I am very impressed with a hospital that recognizes the value and theraputic power of a cuddle with your dog...or someone elses dog for that matter.
Best wishes for Mags continued recovery.

Geoff and Mags said...

Thanks all
Yes, Lesley, I was surprised when they suggested I bring Meg in. After all, they don't allow flowers....

Kevin said...

Thanks for the update, great to hear that improvement is the word of the day :) Best wishes to you both.

jampot55 said...

what a relief to read your blog today - been thinking of you both.
isn't is funny with dogs - they know you know.
Mags is being well cared for - you make sure you care for yourself as well Geoff.
Janice and Dai

Lyraboat said...

Great news, we hope it's all up from now on.
As others have commented, it's great to see a hospital with sense!
All the best wishes,
Bob & Cath

Julie said...

Beautiful picture :)
I've followed your blog for some time now, stay well and hurry home Mags.

Tesla said...

Sorry to hear about Mags but great to see she is making a rapid recovery.

Bernie & Val

Mike, Mags, Poppy and Abbey said...

Mags looks quite well and that is a good sign for the future. Let us know when Mags is up for a visit and we will call over.

Mick n Mags

Dogsontour by Greygal said...

Hi Geoff

Just caught up with the news. Thinking of you both and heartfelt wishes for Mags' full and speedy recovery.

All the very best