Friday, November 16, 2012

Out on Parole

All the hard work and determination has paid off; Mags is being discharged from Macclesfield Hospital on Tuesday morning. She’s fully mobile now, no assistance required so she’ll be out and about visiting other patients and generally making a nuisance of herself.

I can’t praise the staff on Ward 11 enough. You hear a lot about failings in the NHS, but this group of people have been kind, caring and professional. Well done, all of you.

Val and John will be picking her up from the hospital so she can relax with them for a week or so; meanwhile I’ll be heading south on the Macclesfield Canal, aiming to be at Mercia Marina the following Monday.

Howard, Mag’s son, is  due tomorrow so I’ll be walking in and cadging a lift back as he’s staying with me overnight. So I’ll only have a few more trips to and from the hospital on my bike, now christened John Sage.

Starting on Tuesday, my planned schedule is stopping near Ramsdell Hall on Tuesday night, possible because of help from Margaret and Nigel (NB Willow) who will meet me at Bosley Locks. Then Wednesday  onto the Trent and Mersey, through Harecastle Tunnel and stop at Etruria, before tackling the Stoke Locks and aiming to stop either above or below Meaford Locks on Thursday. Friday should see me through Stone and stopping at Great Haywood, maybe meeting George and Carol there.
Saturday I should get to Fradley, probably stopping above Shadehouse but maybe pushing on if Junction Lock has re-opened after new gates have been fitted. That’ll give me Sunday to get through Alrewas, Barton and Burton-on-Trent before Barton and Tattenhill Locks are closed for maintenance on Monday. Whew!

If anyone's at a loose end and fancies a bit of lock work I'll not turn you away....

Locks 0, miles 0


Anonymous said...

Hurrah! That's great news - hope she keeps up the progress.

Sue, nb Indigo Dream

Graham Budd said...

This is great news for you both - I would think that you feel like you've just run 4 consecutive marathons! The one in hospital is bored; the partner outside is trying to hold everything together and manage all the visiting. Sometimes it's hard to find time just to eat. I lost a stone when G went in for a knee replacement. Sorry we're too far away to help. xx Jill

Graham Budd said...

PS Wish I hadn't followed your 'John Sage' link - I'll have nightmares now. Jill

Julie said...

Such good news but don't you over do it and make yourself ill or give Mags anything to worry about.
I wish we didn't both work full time and were nearer to you because we would happily lend a hand. I'm sure you will get lots of offers.
All the very best to you both
Julie & Mike
NB Solveigs Song

Lyraboat said...

Well done Mags!
Whew, what a trip you're planning. Do hope you get some help.
Please say hi to Bruce and Sheila on Sanity Again from us when you get to Mercia.
Have a good winter recovering,
Bob & Cath

Bruce in Sanity said...

Hi Geoff

We were impressed with Macc hospital during Sheila's Mum's last illness a few years ago. Glad to hear Mags is recovering so well.

As luck would have it, next weekend is the only one before Christmas when we're away; sorry we can't help. Good luck with the trip, anyway.

Do you know which berth you've got here in Mercia? Finch 4 has just come free, I see – same pontoon group as us and a really friendly bunch, not that the rest aren't as well of course. Finch is very handy for the main gate, too.

Hope to see you soon

All the best


jampot55 said...

glad to hear Mags OK and wish we were in your vicinity as Dai loves doing locks every chance he can cos I usually do them! We are just approaching Leamington Spa so sorry can;t help.
Mercia is a great marina - we moored Jandai there for almost a year when we were still working and living in a house.
Good luck - Janice and Dai

Graham and Jill Findlay said...

Glad to hear Mags is recovering. You seem to have dropped off my list of blogs so only just picked up on your problems, sorry. Give her our regards and make sure to spoil her rotten!

SimonG said...

Hi Geoff.

Are you still looking for helpers this week?

If so I'd be delighted to escape the office for the day on Friday & assist as required.

So glad to hear Mags is doing so well.

I look forward to hearing from you

best wishes

Simon Gulliver
NB Le Grand Bleu