Monday, November 19, 2012

Poised for flight…

Things are still going really well at Macclesfield Hospital. Mags continues to improve, the main problem now is dexterity in her left hand. The concentration on her face as she’s tries to grasp a pen to write, or pick up a small object, is a mark of how determined she is to overcome every consequence of her stroke.

We’ve even had a frank and open discussion about fat and salt intake! Those who know her will agree that it’s not so much how much butter she wants on her toast, as how much toast she wants with her butter!
She’s agreed to try the various low-fat alternatives to find one that is palatable. As for salt, I’ll be scouring the supermarket shelves for the low sodium variety.
Her stay in hospital has actually given her a head start on changing her diet, the meals provided tend to be low in fat and salt anyway. Her taste has changed a little during during the forced incarceration; when first admitted she shocked and amused the nurses by declaring that the food tasted like s**t. Now, some of it is “quite nice”.

Mag's son Howard came over from Ireland this weekend, stopping with me on Saturday night and visiting in the afternoon, evening and Sunday afternoon before heading off. With all the gossiping she was a little tired last night, but apparently that's to be expected.

She’s been bossing me about for the last couple of days in preparation for her imminent departure to Wales. “Take that home, I won’t be needing it”, “Make sure you fetch (specified item) in”. “Have you washed my favourite nightie?”. Frankly, I’ll be glad to get going south tomorrow….
Winking smile.

Seriously, though, I will miss her. It’s been bad enough these last couple of weeks when I‘ve only seen her for about three hours a day, after tonight we’ll be spending a week with only the telephone to keep us in touch. Over nearly thirty years of marriage we’ve never been apart for that long before. Still, Val and John will keep her busy at their home, and as for me…. yes I think I’ll have plenty to do.

Mags will be collected late morning tomorrow, meanwhile I‘ll be heading off first thing to meet Margaret and Nigel (NB Willow) at Bosley Top Lock. With their help it should be a fast run down, then I should be nearly at Hardings Wood before I stop for the night. Harecastle Tunnel is booked for Wednesday between 08:30 and 10:30.
Thanks again for all the messages of support, and thanks to all the people at the hospital who’ve been so kind and considerate.

Locks 0, miles 0


Barrie Allen said...

Hope all your plans go very smoothly Geoff, so glad to hear that Mags is doing well.
Best wishes
Ali and Baz

Heather TakeyTezey said...

Hi Geoff,

We're both glad to hear that Mags is improving. Give her a {hug} from us :)

Are you still headed for Mercia marina? We're on Pier Q (Quail) so you'll know which one to avoid!!! [I mean TT of course.] The people on here are lovely.

Take care on your journey,

Heth & Dave