Sunday, September 23, 2012

Short trip to Naburn

With only six miles or so to cover today we weren’t in any rush to get away. I took Meg for a walk then did a bit of grocery shopping, and it was gone ten by the time we were ready.
I was just stowing the TV aerial when Steve and his daughter Erin turned up. You remember they visited us yesterday afternoon? Erin had dragged Dad down to the river to see us off.

Bye Erin and Steve!SAM_3458 Steve and Erin

There were a few boats about from York City Rowing Club earlier, but they all seemed to have rowed off upstream by the time we cast off. We turned around to face downstream, under Lendal Bridge and past York’s waterfront.

Looking back at Lendal Bridge, Museum Gardens moorings through the archSAM_3460 Lendal Br

York WaterfrontSAM_3461 York Waterfront
SAM_3462 York Waterfront
SAM_3463 York Waterfront
We’ll definitely have to come back here; there’s so much more to see.

Near York Marine Services there’s an impressive houseboat built on a Humber Keel hull.

Plenty of room(s) in there!SAM_3466 Houseboat

Naburn Railway Bridge crosses the river between the village and the locks. It no longer carries a railway, the line between Selby and York having been closed in 1983.It now carries a cycle track.
SAM_3467 Naburn Rail Br
It was built in 1871 and was designed to swing to allow masted vessels passage, but hasn’t done so for many years. It’s an impressive example of the Victorian flare for combining functionality with style - in iron.
SAM_3468 Naburn Rail Br

Another ten minutes saw us pulling into Naburn Lock cut where we filled with water and emptied the loo tanks before reversing onto a mooring. I went in search of the lock-keeper and arranged penning-down onto the tidal Ouse for four o’clock tomorrow afternoon. The tide times aren’t very co-operative this week. We’ll still be at Selby by half six, though.
Hopefully we’ll be able to moor overnight in the basin.

Locks 0, miles 5¾

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Alf said...

If no room in the basin, have a word with the lockie (Colin if memory serves) we spent 3 days on the 1 hour moorings the other side of the bridge, Due to flooding on the Aire. If its getting late, you can moor a bit further along by the fire station where its 14 day.