Sunday, May 25, 2008

Head of Navigation and Back to the Lift

A fine sunny morning soon turned grey and breezy, threatening rain.
We had guests for breakfast; 2 families of geese turned up, begging.

Ain’t they cute…
We decided to head up to the top of the navigable river at Winsford, just for a look. We’d been told it’s not very inspiring, and we agreed. We turned around just the other side of the town, at the shallow Winsford Flash. This is another of the large pools formed by subsidence following brine extraction.

Winsford Flash. The sailing dinghies are shallow enough to use it. We’re not!
Under the main road bridge in Winsford someone keeps their collection of shopping trollies….
There are lots of waterfowl in Vale Royal Cut. The herons seem a little more confidant here than those on the canals. They’ll wait until you’re alongside before taking off.

Up and Away.
We joined Carol, Sonja and Laura back at the mooring, then travelled together back to Vale Royal Lock for the 14:30 passage slot. We were joined by NB Ardanza again in the lock.
We were through Hunts Lock and Northwich before we had a few spots of rain, and were moored almost in the shadow of the lift at Anderton by 16:00, just before the rain came on heavily.

Locks 2, miles 13½

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